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Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Eloise

For this, my third year doing the challenge, I am going literary. For every letter of the alphabet I will talk about a book, an author or a character from fiction or myth that made an impression, was inspirational, or caused me to think.

No doubt about it, next to The Cat in the Hat, Eloise by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight, is my all time favorite picture book. Like Dr. Seuss with The Cat and the Hat, Thompson with Eloise breaks all the rules.

On the title page Ms. Thompson warns: "A Book for Precocious Grown Ups"

This is my very worn, much loved copy, given to me when I was around seven or eight. It's been stamped on the inside with, "Mobil Station No. 4 John S. Denham Cruz Bay, St. John Virgin Islands." In my tortured hand writing is my name and a tiny drawing I did of Eloise. There is also a "This Book Belongs To" sticker with the statement, "Open schools to epileptics."                                             

Our introduction is priceless.
I am Eloise I am six I am a city child I live at The Plaza

There is no punctuation in the book. At some point my sister, Erva, put a line through Eloise, and wrote in my name.

I totally adore Eloise's exploits as she tells us about her day. Absolutely the first thing she must do in the morning is braid Skipperdee's ears. (Skipperdee is her turtle.)

I have my own room
It has a coat rack which is as large as me

I swear this picture is a portent of what my own room would look like years later. Only I think mine was worse. I suspect I may have gotten some of my Rotten Kid traits from Eloise.

The ending is also priceless.

Oh my Lord
There's so much to do
Tomorrow I think I'll pour a pitcher of water down the mail chute.

I absolutely love the Plaze

I absolutely LOVE Eloise, who has her own webpage. 

It's nice to know the Plaze now has an Eloise Suite. One day, when I'm rich, I'm going to go to New York just so I can stay in it. Perhaps I will terrorize the other guests with bizarre behavior.

I have Eloise at Christmastime too, but it's not nearly as entertaining. And I refuse to see the movie. I suspect it would be a huge disappointment.

Are you familiar with Eloise? Do you know the name of her dog? The name of her tutor?

E is for Eloise  Other E influences: The Elements of Style, The Emperor's New Clothes, East of Eden


  1. Oh my gosh! this is just adorable!!!

  2. Eloise is awesome and so is this post.


  3. When we re-did our daughter's room a few years back, we donated her childhood books, except for the special ones. Eloise is special. We still have her.

  4. Dear Bish, I've never read the book but at Christmas time, they show the movie many times. I could (and do) watch it on every channel and whenever it's on. It's so delightful.

  5. I love you! Eloise is soooo cool! You're the best. I am pulling my copies out to reread today. *tight hugs* :-) (I won't see the movie either) No way!

  6. Oh I just love this post!!!

  7. My kids love Eloise. I've watched some of the shows with them. We get them from the local library. I actually like the Halloween one.

  8. Those illustrations of Elloise always bring a smile to my lips. Wasn't she and isn't she a fabulous character?

    Glad you've gone literary, Bish!

  9. I couldn't let the Monster read Eloise for fear she would do some of the things Eloise did.

    Elements of Style is on my desk. Always.

  10. I never read Eloise. I feel deprived.

  11. I'm not familiar with Eloise! How unfortunate for me. I must check it out. It looks adorable!

  12. If I read it as a child, I don't remember it.

  13. Haven't heard of this book, but I am a boy so didn't like girls at that age. now of course things are different.

  14. I used to beg my parents to rename me Eloise. They never did. I'm still a little disappointed.

  15. There's a movie AND a website as well !! - oh joy oh jo :) I must check them out - forget the A-Z Challenge! I totally adored her when I was little. We'd continually borrow the book from the local library and I'd be content (in a frustrated way because I wasn't Eloise) for hours.
    Sue: An A-Z of Climate Matters

  16. I absolutely love the images from this book. I've never read it though. Thank you for sharing it. It looks delightful!

  17. I am familiar with Eloise. Love her and the amazing illustrations! But I don't know her dog or tutor's names.

  18. I'd never even heard of this, but now I want a copy.


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