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Monday, November 14, 2011


Four seasons

Visitors to the islands often wonder about seasons. Do seasons exist in the tropics? Some even think there are no seasons at all. Once a National Park Ranger (this was a long time ago before they were really trained) used to tell tourists the trees had no rings because there were no seasons.

Of course there are seasons. Of course the trees have rings.

There is:
Tourist season and getting ready for tourist season.
Hurricane season and getting ready for hurricane season.
Summer and getting ready for summer.
The dry season (winter) and the wet season (summer).

I jest, of course, though the last is true. There is a dry and wet season.

But there is a spring, summer, fall and winter as well.

Each is marked by what plants and trees are blooming or bearing fruit. There are wind and ocean currents and temperatures that are expressed at different times of the year. In summer the ocean is mostly flat calm. In winter we get what are called ground-seas, it is the wave action from ferocious north Atlantic storms. Those waves travel all the way south to hit the rocky shoreline sending spay hundreds of feet into the air. Winter is a good time to go body surfing.

I love the subtlety of the tropical seasons. It's not so in your face as it is in more northern climes.

One has to be, perhaps, more aware and sensitive to notice changes. Perhaps it is what helped to make me an observer and a writer.

Do you prefer subtlety in writing? Or do you like it in your face?


  1. I definitely prefer subtlety in the books I read - but not when it's so subtle it's obscure!! I try to write like that as well, but tend to use a 10 pound hammer to kill a gnat at times.

    Talking of seasons, our rain season is late and we are sweltering. Talk about in your face heat!! :)

    Judy, South Africa

  2. Bish, what gorgeous pictures. The Winter one is absolutely perfect.

  3. Our seasons are certainly 'in your face' in the UK. Your climate sounds wonderful to me right now as I shiver in winter clothes with the central heating gobbling up hard earned pennies. I definitely prefer subtlety in both weather and writing.

  4. I think I prefer subtlety. Though actually it depends on the genre. I wouldn't expect a thriller to be subtle.

    We only have three seasons here in the south. Winter is only two months long. Monsoons come after winter and after summer. And then we have summer in the middle which is 8 months long. I never thought I would ever say this, but I'm beginning to hate summer. (It's just too hot down here.)

    Tomorrow I'm posting about the turtles.

  5. I'm definitely a "subtlety" in writing type. I love to ferret out the bits and pieces of a story. I also like it when there's a possibility of more than one truth. Did she really hate him, or did she only pretend to so he'd go off on the adventure of his life? Were they lovers or did the town just think they were?

    Books that leave room for debate are exciting and I think about them a long time after The End.

    So, it follows that I love tropical climes as well. Subtle in their seasons as they are.

  6. I do enjoy the drastic changes in weather of the North, but gosh, I'm loving the sunshine down here in the South. It's cooler and definitely distinct than the summer months. It's also drier (much to my surprise). IN writing, I love subtext. 'nuff said.

  7. I prefer subtlety, but when I try to write in a subtle style, I usually fail big time and leave everyone confused.

  8. Hi!

    Just stopping by to thank you for dropping by last week and commenting on my interview over on the Piedmont Writer.

    I really appreciate Anne offering her forum. Great lady. Great writer.


  9. Not too subtle or I don't get it!
    We have two seasons - summer and not quite winter.

  10. We definitely have four seasons in Illinois! And summer is never quite long enough!!

  11. In-your-face writing annoys me. I think there are circumstances where it works, and when it's done well it can be good, but I tend to prefer subtle writing and subtle changes.

    Nothing annoys me more than when we're constantly told what to think or feel about a character. That's just bad writing.

  12. I like a combination of both – subtlety and in your face. Just don't ask me how I feel about winter!

  13. Oh, yes, we have seasons. During late November and December the chilly winds flow down from the North and you know Christmas is a coming along with cooler climates.

  14. We have four distinct seasons in NE Iowa: Winter, Extreme Winter, Just After Winter, Spring and Summer...

    This year we actually have had a fall though, which makes me worry about winter. Will it be better than normal or worse?

  15. Gosh, good question. I like both - really depends on the genre. ;-)

  16. I like a creative combination of both, and sometimes a layering of the two. I think this is the mark of a mature writer. And having grown up in Micigan I love the four seasons.

  17. Gorgeous photos! And I appreciate you line: "I love the subtlety of the tropical seasons. It's not so in your face as it is in more northern clime." I live in an "in your face" climate. It's not alway fun, but I wonder if subtlety would suit me.

  18. I do like subtlety in writing. But I guess it depends on the presentation. Like seasons in different places there are good and bad points. You can get too much of anything I guess.

    Tossing It Out

  19. I like both, actually. I guess it just depends on the writing. Beautiful photographs, btw!


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