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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Fall has pried open Summer's oven door and blown some cool air our way. It is a nice reprieve from the hottest summer on record. A couple of freezes is all that it's taken to tell the trees to get undressed and ready for bed.

A river runs through it. Bald cypress getting ready to shed their needles.

Tranquility Park.

Pistache  tree.

Spanish Oak.

We are still in desperate need of rain. It's looks like winter is going to be dry. Which means that come spring what trees have survived will be under even  more stress. We are in need of over a foot of the wet stuff just to catch up to normal levels, but that alone isn't enough to bring back lake and river levels to where they need to be. Pray for rain for Texas.


  1. Nice photos! I read that a third of the US is in a drought. Praying you get rain soon.

  2. Love your photos and love your blog. I know I'll enjoy following it. The weather has been weird everywhere. I don't know how anyone can question climate change.

  3. I love fall ... and your pictures are beautiful. Water -- the stuff of life. Will pray for rain for TX.

  4. Those are gorgeous, breathtaking photos. I always say it...I wish leaves turned where I live.

    I hope you get some rain.

  5. Lovely pictures. Fall is such a nice time to head out with a camera. I'll try to kick some moisture down your way!!

  6. Bish--thanks for sharing your tree pics--you know how much I love trees, and it's always nice to see some new varieties. I hope you get some rain. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


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