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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Abstractions remain one of my all time favorite ways to play with words. They are also great writing prompts as well as being a kind of poetry or a piece of flash fiction.

The rules are simple. You can change them around.
 1: Abstraction plus verb plus place
 2: Describe what the abstraction is wearing
 3: Summarize the action

Incongruity danced across the stage in a party dress and pink sneakers, while playing a mean flying V.

Wearing a single purple bow in a most incongruous place Incongruity moved with ease between the states of joy and sorrow, laughing at all her tears.

Incongruity eats worms with kids and snails with the elite. All the while her pearls hide ulterior motives as easily as feathered fans hid Sally Rand.

Now it's your turn to have fun. Using the word Incongruity, leave your own abstraction in the comments.


  1. You know, I'd love to but that would take brain power I do not have right now! Love yours though!

  2. Love yours! But yeah, I need to wake up first. :)

  3. How can I do that when I can't get beyond the red high-top sneakers?

  4. Love it! What a great writing exercise. And I love that photo, too.

  5. Yeah, my brain hurts too much to take on your challenge (aren't we good at lame excuses?), but I love your examples.

  6. Wow, Bish, you changed your look! I've been visit around once a week for sure, but am finding it hard to do more often these days.

  7. Incongruity stalked up the stairs in biker shorts and a blue blazer, gingerly carrying a tray full of strudel.

  8. I guess I'm not abstract enough. Actually, I know I'm not. I want sentences to make sense. Maybe this is why uber-literary stuff turns me off. I'm really not as cranky as I sound, Bish. LOL.

    I like the new look on your blog -- the blue is so pretty.

  9. Incongruity snaked across the floor in scarlet sequins chasing rainbows.

  10. Oh you people...Is it really that hard? I won't believe that.

    Thanks Matt and Sarah for giving it a shot. I really like your efforts!

  11. Insincerity shook my hand in front of the mall and blathered on about how he felt my pain.

    He wore slicked-down hair and pressed jeans and an expensive shirt with rolled-up sleeves. He was trying to look like the rest of us, only a little better.

    I walked away, remembering the mistake I'd made the last time.

  12. Incongruity danced between the man in his velvet tux and the woman in her hot pants and low cut tube top. Egad. I'm no good at instantaneous writing, Bish. But A for effort?? Purty please. Yours were the best. You rock. (((hugs)))

  13. Great idea! I may try this with my students! :-)

  14. love this exercise! i also love that picture you have there. :)

  15. Incongruity smirks behind the ruffles of time. All in pink and light, refusing stillness.

    OMG What did I just write?

    Had fun!

  16. Incongruity tiptoed lightly up the stairs, all 450 lbs of her shimmering in mud-spattered pink Lycra and kitten-heeled jogging boots.

    I love incongruity...


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