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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blogaversary Questions Answered - Part Three

We interrupt our regularly schedule "Random Thought Thursday" to continue answering pertinent and terribly important questions asked by my faithful Random Readers. Do not despair, Random Thought Thursday will continue next week.

Angela, my mentor and friend from The Bookshelf Muse asked: What will you do to celebrate a book sale?
Well, after I faint, I’ll probably have a celebratory dinner with my husband and friends. Then I’d want to go to the islands and have a celebratory dinner with my sister, family and friends who live there. I can’t think of anything better than sharing it all with them and raising a glass of champagne to my mother who started it all.

If you could travel anywhere and take an author with you, who would it be and where would you go?
Oh…this is SO hard. But I would LOVE to go to Oz and take L. Frank Baum with me. After all, Oz is the first only true all-American fairyland. Europe, England, Scotland, Ireland, they all have many fairylands, but here in the U. S., we have Oz. I want to go there and meet Ozma, and Glinda, and the Scarecrow, and the Glass Cat and all those wonderful characters that came out of Baum’s head. And can you imagine having Frank as your own personal tour guide? What kind of blast would THAT be?

If you had to go on a reality TV show, which would it be?
Well, I’m not a fan of reality TV. The only one I watch (and not regularly) is Survivor. I believe if I were younger it would be the sort of thing I’d try out for. I'd do all right without modern conveniences, I'm pretty tough, and I’m not afraid of much. However, I’m not good at plotting and conniving and scheming so I’d probably get voted off pretty quick.

Angela Felsted asked: If you could be any food in the world, which would it be and why?
That would have to be chocolate, even though I’m not supposed to eat it I absolutely LOVE chocolate. I’ve done a nice bit of research on its history and wrote an article about it which has yet to find a home. And in one of my novels I have my main character say this about chocolate.

“The history we read and learn about is the history of human violence. If we weren’t violent what would we have to study?

Let's see...

When the Spaniards arrived in the New World, they were introduced to chocolate by the native peoples. The Spaniards in turn gave chocolate to the world, and the rest, as they say, is history. Chocolate became the great equalizer bringing peace and harmony to all peoples.

If it weren’t for Commodore Matthew Perry bringing gifts of chocolate, Japan might still be a closed society and we would never have learned how to grow bonsai trees or design peace gardens.

And let’s not forget Adolph Hitler, whose mother gave him a cup of hot chocolate every morning. He later went on to become the greatest chocolate entrepreneur and humanitarian in the world, giving away chocolate to the poorest people and teaching them how to grow the trees and process the pods. Without his establishing the Chocolate Institute of Technology we would never have found a cure for cancer.

Our history books would be short and…sweet.”

RaShelle asked: If you could be a cartoon character, which would you be?
That would be Jessica Rabbit. “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn this way.”

Come back tomorrow when I announce my winners!


  1. I'll go to Oz with you! I loved those books!

  2. Loving all your answers, Bish ... and of course, all the wacky questions.

  3. These are great answers Bish! I love the idea of travelling to OZ. That's PERFECT!

    I'd do survivor too, but I wouldn't be able to stay quiet about the BS and I'd get voted off. LOL

  4. Fun questions and great answers! I'll go to Oz with you and Vicki!

  5. So funny and clever! I loved this post. You will get published! You will faint and live to tell us all about it!

    LOL over the chocolate. Too funny.

  6. I am also a fan of chocolate (& did a speech in school about the history) & a fan of Jessica Rabbit...another favorite line from that movie: "He makes me laugh"


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