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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blogaversary Questions Answered - Part Two

And we continue with a few more questions.

Angela Cerrito who has been reading my blog for-e-ver asked: What is the strangest thing you've ever eaten?
In the islands fish heads are considered the sweetest part of the fish. So I’d say fish eyes would be the strangest thing I’ve ever eaten. And let it be know, I will suck a good pan-fried fish head any time and that includes the eyes. (The ole wife at Gladys's Restaurant, pictured at left, is my favorite.)

Would you want to travel to outer space? If so, just up in orbit or to the moon or to another planet?
Nope, I have no interest in traveling to outer space. It would be fun to go up high enough to see the curvature of the earth, but other than that, I know that I am human, that planet earth made me, that my body is not built for weightlessness, or the added radiation exposure, or living in a tin can for months and months and years and years.

What is your deepest darkest secret? (Just kidding!)
Only Ellie the Red Elephant knows that she’s not telling. And who is Ellie? She’s is my stuffed animal that I’ve had since I was six months old.

What is your favorite comic strip?I really like Nonsequitor, Over the Hedge, and Baby Blue.

How about movie? That would be 101 Dalmatians because of the memory I have of seeing it the first time. My sister and I were spending time with family in Puerto Rico when my cousin JohnJohn and I went to see it. We were about ten and eleven at the time. My aunt dropped us off and told us to wait there until she was done with her shopping at which point she’d pick us up. It was a matinee. The first show we giggled from the back of theater. The second show we moved up closer and laughed out loud. The third show we got right up front and were hooting and howling loudly, nearly falling on the floor. We were exhausted from laughing, our bellies hurt, our faces ached. We had a wonderful time. When Aunt Ninina managed to find us in that sea of kids, we didn’t want to leave.

Fingernail polish color?
Well, I don’t paint my fingernails, but I do paint my toenails. My favorite color is Posh Pink by Revlon.

Do you want me to stop asking questions? That might be a good idea

Sewicked asked: What's the weirdest thing that you've ever tatted ? (Meaning type of material used.) And what's the weirdest place you've ever tatted?

Not long ago I saw on Etsy a totally beautiful pair of tatted earrings made out of gold wire. Well of course I had to experiment. I couldn’t afford the gold wire, but I did have some very strong pliable thin gauged stuff I thought would work. It didn’t. Maybe at some point I’ll try that craft wire people use to crochet with, but for now, I’m content with thread, particularly DMC Pearl 8. (I’m sick that they’ve discontinued their variegated line.)

As for the weirdest place I’ve tatted? Don’t have one. Mostly I tat at home, though I have tatted while waiting at the airport and on the plane. Tatting is so wonderfully small and portable you can pretty much stick it in a shirt pocket and go.

Talli Rolland asked: Do you think you'll ever live anywhere else? Do you want to?
I’m very content here in Texas, and visiting the islands every summer. So no, I don’t see myself living anywhere else.

However I would LOVE to visit Scotland and England one day. It’s a life-long dream of mine since my ancestors came from there.

barbjan10 asked: Since I was just introduced to you by Angela, and Angela is a new friend of mine, how and when did you both meet and what was your first impression of Angela?
If I’m to assume you mean Angela at The Bookshelf Muse, I’ve never actually met her. I just happened to stumble across her blog early on and have been a follower ever since. As for my impressions of her…I think she is VERY talented.

Would you be my friend on FB so we can get to know each other?
Sorry I don’t do FB, it takes up more time than I’m willing to give.

Is tatting difficult and does it make your hands ache?
Tatting isn’t really all that difficult, what it is, is time consuming. It doesn’t work up as fast as crochet or knitting does because it's all about making knots. And no it doesn’t make my hands ache.

More questions answered tomorrow.


  1. I would love to see the Earth from the Moon, just once. And I'm going to have grilled Alligator, next week. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.

  2. How did your stuffed animal stay in such good shape?

  3. Wow! You've had Ellie since you were a baby? That is awesome that you still have her!
    Fun questions and answers!

  4. Ellie is so beautiful!!! I have my Butchie, but he's only been around since I was 5 years old.

  5. I love these questions!

    You've taken wonderful care of Ellie. I remember my stuffed toy called Mama Dog. She was pink and had bells in her ears. But by the time I was five, she was gray and had no stuffing left in her neck.

  6. I love Ellie! My 4 year old has a favorite Elephant named Ellie too! How cool is that!

    I those these Q&A's! :0)

  7. Fish eyes? You're much more adventurous that I am!

  8. you are so kind to answer everyone's questions!!!


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