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Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh Hummingbird!

Fearless little bird. Your were stuck on the porch. Your little wings beat furiously. You searched and searched for a way out but kept flying into the screen.

You must have been beating your beak against that airy wall for some time, for when I came out and found you, you were obviously weary.

You were lost in a corner, no energy left to zip from one end of the porch to the other and back again. I reached out my hand perched on my finger.

But you could not stay there and in an instant you were flying in your corner hunting for the exit.

Again I raised my hand and again you perched upon my finger.

And yet a third time. It was, for those brief moments, akin to holding the energy of an atom on the tip of my finger. Small, fleeting, eternal motion.

Oh hummingbird, tiny fearless female, you could not sit long enough for me to carry you to the door. I had to cup you in my hands where you lay still. Yet when I opened them
you were gone.

Have you ever had a hummingbird sit on your finger?


  1. A hummingbird on my finger? No, but that would be really cool.

    Nice post, it almost feels like a poem, thanks for sharing Bish.

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  2. Okay, not related to hummingbirds, but my husband and I are going to Peter Island in the BVI in a month. I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful homeland! Great blog!

  3. Very poetic. We have hummers now and they've brushed my cheek as they whiz past, but I've never had on one my hand. Butterflies, yes. Hummers, no.

  4. How sweet! I still get excited every time I see a hummingbird, and we have them in the yard almost every day.

    Glad she made it out okay!

  5. Humming birds are so mystical and magical. They can stop your breath when sighted. No, never on my hand.

  6. I absolutely LOVE the way you wrote this, Bish - so beautiful and rhythmic! And no, I have never been lucky enough to experience a hummingbird perched on my finger. :-)

  7. No humming birds. But I once saved some baby rabbits that had gotten attacked by the neighborhood cat.

  8. On your hand? I'm holding my breath at the thought. I only see a hummingbird every few years. Now the Seals and Crofts song is in my head. That's one of the bands that really makes me relive my college years. And Bread, and Hall and Oates...:)

  9. Never, but the silly things have flown into me before. Great pic!

  10. Reading your April 12th Blog about "Bish" reminded me of the time we were at the grocery store looking for something on opposites sides of the food shelf when I suddenly found what we wanted and yelled out, "Hey Bish . . . " As I turned to join you I was met with an interesting look from some cowboy looking man who asjked, "What did you just call her?" I laughed as I told him, "That's her name!" He looked perplexed. LOL Stan


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