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Friday, April 23, 2010

100 Random Thoughts Contest

I interrupt the A to Z Challenge because...
I've made it!
100 Random Followers!
And, as promised, in honor and celebration of YOU I'm holding my very first contest. (Aren't you just thrill?)

There are the rules. (I know, I know, I'm not all that keen about rules either, but without a few there'd be bedlam.)
Since this is about the auspicious number of 100, and writing is all about words this contest is going to be about writing a
(No, not a dribble, a drabble.)
For those of you who may not know what a drabble is, let me 'splane.

A drabble is a 100 word STORY. It CANNOT be 99 words or 101 words. HAS TO BE 100 WORDS
Rule Number One:
Write a drabble of exactly 100 words. It can be about anything. It can be a true story or totally made up. It can be fantasy or humor or sci-fi or drama. It can be for kids or adults. Anything! Just, PLEASE no foul, awful, nasty, vulgar language. No sex or violence. I'm just not into that kind of stuff.
Rule Number Two:
Leave your drabbulous drabble in my comments section, or if you're shy, email them to me.
Rule Number Three:
You have one week from TODAY to post your drabble. Which means this contest ends on April 30th. Your drabbles will be read and judge by my husband and me. We will no doubt argue and fuss over who wins, but that will be the fun part.

There will be THREE winners. Well, actually, a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner. They will be announced no sooner than May 1st and no later than May 7th (because who knows how long it will take me and my sweetie to agree?)
And what do you get for winning the drabble contest?

First, I will post the winning drabbles on my blog with links to winners' blogs.

But here's the real deal. Most everyone has books to give away. Alas, I do not. What I do have is something to go with those books you read. Something unique and one of a kind. (What, what is it you ask? Be patient, my drabblers, don't get your drabbles in a wad.)

One of the things I do is tat. (No I'm not offering tattoos!) Tatting is an old form of lace making made on my hands with a shuttle. It is ALL done with half-hitches. (That's knots for those of you who don't know your knots.)

So, to grace those books you read, I thought I'd give the winners some choices between these six tatted bookmarks! 1st place gets first choice. 2nd place gets to choose from the remaining five and 3rd place gets to choose from the remaining four. How's that grab ya?

Beautiful Butterfly
Sally Seahorse
Florence Flamingo

Leonardo Lion
Peter Peacock

And to give you an is a drabble from yours truly.

“Come on!”
Peering into the mirror she checked her hair, make-up.
“What’s taking you?”
She turned slowly looking at her reflection.
Downstairs he paced, becoming so angry his lip whitened. He wondered why he put up with this; her always being late, his always waiting.
He yelled from the bottom of the stairs, “We’re going to be late!”
Then suddenly she appeared. Light illuminated her; a golden aura. She beamed soft rays of warmth.
His anger melted into puddles on the floor.
“Now I remember why.”
“You’re beautiful.”
She smiled. These humans are so easy to control, she thought.


  1. Congratulations, Bish, and what a cool celebration. Those bookmarks are incredible! I'll try to drabble, I will.

  2. Congrats to you :o) and what gorgeous bookmarks. I won't enter because I'm international but will put my drabble here for a giggle. :o)


    An eerie silence fills the graveyard as the fog slithers in, smothering all in its path.
    On a twisted branch, the raven awaits.
    Juliet wakens as Romeo draws the last few breaths of life. Desperately she nudges his rigid, pain-wracked body. With her heart breaking, she watches as the soul is sucked from his eyes. He is still.
    "O Romeo, my love, whatever shall I do?" she whispers.
    Suddenly she remembers- Peter.
    "O Peter, Peter! Where art thou Peter Rabbit?"
    With a flick of her tail and a hop, she leaves in search of love's sweet fruit.
    The raven swoops...

  3. Wow those are cooler looking than I expected.

  4. I'm game! I'll come back later with a drabble of my own!

    Congratulations on getting 100 followers!

  5. Thanks Tricia. Looking forward to your contribution.

    So Matt are you going to play?

    Nikki, I don't care if you're on the moon. You're drabble is in the mix.

    Wonderful Mary!

  6. Congrats Bish! Great contest. Love the bookmarks, too cute.

  7. Wow Bish this is amazing! I love the bookmarks! I'm really eyeing the flamingo one!!! Gosh I can't wait to get started on this! I'll be posting a sidebar for everyone else to join in on the fun, and I'll blog about you tomorrow to as well!!! Because this is too big to miss!

  8. congrats on 100, Bish! Beautiful bookmarks!
    I'll have to think about my drabble!!

  9. THANKS JEN! Let the drabbles begin!

  10. Kelly, I wouldn't be surprised if your drabble doesn't have something to do with music....

  11. Beautiful bookmarks! Okay, I'm going to try to fit a drabble into the coming week.

  12. Congratulations to a wonderful writer. I like your story including your last line.... Men are human; women are ...

  13. Congrats on 100 followers! I'll have to give my drabble some thought and get back to you. And those bookmarks are so cool! It seems like one can never have enough bookmarks...

  14. Your tats are lovely! Don't know if I can drabble, but I put you over the edge. I'm #101 - woohoo!!

  15. First, I'm laughing out loud at the last line of your drabble. Evilly funny!

    Second, your bookmarks are beautiful! I love them. You should sell them. I would totally buy them. They would make great Christmas gifts.

  16. Congratulations Bish! I don't think I even know 25 people!

    I'll return with a drabble after I finish my lessons. In fact, I shouldn't even be here now, but I was tempted by your gorgeous bookmarks.

  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone. I am SO looking forward to your drabbulous drabbles!

  18. Those are wonderful! I can only imagine how long it took to make them.

    I've never been a shortie writer...but I'll mull this over and see if inspiration strikes. If not I'll be here cheering on everyone else!

    Congrats, Bish!

  19. Vicky ran to see Daddy. He was waiting for her by the school gates. She had big news to tell him.

    “Daddy, my teacher loves me.” Vicky jumped with joy.

    “How’s that?”

    “She called me ‘darling’,” said Vicky.

    “You are a darling,” said Daddy, “But why did she call you that?”

    “My teacher had a headache,” said Vicky.

    “Did you get rid of it?” asked Daddy. But Vicky wasn’t listening.

    “My teacher said to me, ‘Darling, can you please be quiet?’” said Vicky, “See, my teacher loves me.”

    Daddy burst out laughing. Vicky talked about school all the way home.


    That's my 100-word story, Bish. I was in kindergarten :)

  20. Beautiful bookmarks, Bish! Congratulations on your 100 followers! :) Here's my drabble ...

    Jake bolted from bed. He put on clean clothes, brushed his hair and teeth, and washed his face. Today is “Bring Your Child to Work Day” and Jake can’t wait to go with his dad. He found him reading the newspaper in the kitchen.

    “Is it time to go?” asked Jake.

    “Almost,” said Dad. “Eat breakfast first.”

    “Don’t we get donuts?” asked Jake with a wink.

    Dad put down his paper. “Don’t even start, young man.” It was the fourth Thursday of April and Jake had been looking forward to this day for months. His dad is a police officer.

  21. Congratulations on your 100 followers!! That's not an easy mark to achieve!!

    And I love your tatting - I love the seahorse (gorgeous creatures)

    Now, let me see if I can do some drabbling before the contest closes! :)

  22. Because I'm also international, I won't enter the competition, but here's my drabble attempt:

    The red mist is hot, so hot, it sucks the moisture from my skin.

    ‘Don’t strain so,’ the nurse chides. ‘Life will happen as it wants to.’

    What does she know? It is not she who lies here, unable to move.

    ‘Life’s not comfortable,’ I say. ‘It’s red hot and not worth living unless you crowd every second with passion.’

    She shakes her head abruptly. ‘I’d rather live a long life, quiet and peaceful. It’s safer that way.’

    To her perhaps, but not to me. For without the red mist to swallow the past, how will I move into tomorrow?

  23. Love the contest idea!

    Congrats on all the followers!

  24. Okay Bish here we go:

    No one told me this would happen. Had I known, I wouldn't have gone to the woods.

    Paul told me they were only stories, when I got there I learned differently. Instead of lying on the beach enjoying the sand and sun, I am stuck in this smelly, disgusting, eerie cold shack.

    So much for a stupid dare. We had just seen a movie where this had happened so I should have known.

    Frustrated from picking the lock I took a break, though uncomfortable I sat on a nearby milk crate. I needed a plan. I needed to get out.

  25. A drabble:

    “Janie.” Dad set the jar down. The caterpillar hung from the twig. “Watch.”

    Dad lies in bed. Machines, guardrail, enclose him. I watch.

    The caterpillar glowed green. It rippled, coating itself.

    Dad seizes. I ring the bell; he rests. He starts; I ring; he eases. It’s too late to disturb his work.

    The gold-flecked shell quieted. “He’s done, Janie. Now we wait.”

    Dad stills. I jump, ring the bell. They invade his shell but he’s gone.

    One day the chrysalis lay broken, the jar open. The butterfly had flown without me.

    I sit, wait, watch, dare hope Dad can fly.

  26. Oh, those are lovely! I like the butterfly one A LOT, but I have a friend who would like the sea horse one....argh! You should totally sell these on Etsy or something.

    OK--off to think of an entry!

  27. I'm collecting your drabbles...I'm checking them twice!

  28. Here's my drabble (he-he):

    The attic door screeched as Chloe opened it. She slipped inside with heart pounding, because Gran said this room was off-limits.
    The only light came from a filmy windowpane. Chloe pushed aside boxes to get to a huge chest.
    When she unclasped the latch and lifted the lid, she discovered a doll in a tattered lace dress with a big rusty-red stain across the bodice.
    The doll stretched out bone-white arms towards her and split its mouth in a scarlet grin.
    Chloe slammed the chest shut, but, even as she ran, she could hear the doll yelling, "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

  29. Oh those prizes are just lovely! I need to think about 100 words! What a fun contest and it's interesting reading others stories too.

  30. Glad I'm not too late! Here's mine:

    Five, twenty-three, seven, seventeen, forty-two, forty-three. The TV barked tonight’s winning lotto numbers. Everett sampled a saltine crumb from his shirt and washed it down with Coors.

    Crackers and herring again. Marlene’s night off; she couldn’t miss her weekly Bunco game. What a fine evening this had been. The rain had begun pounding around three. Everett ran out of gas driving home. A fine evening.

    At the gas station he’d picked up two Slim Jims. Marlene would never approve. The sodium! He bought the lotto ticket, too – something else Marlene would frown upon. The waste!

    Tonight, she’d likely be agreeable.

  31. Oh, this contest requires brain power and I have non right now. Oh, well. It is a great idea though. Look forward to seeing who the winner is. :)

  32. Okay, talk about getting it in under the wire! This is a slightly tweaked excerpt from a collection of odd "confessions" (no, not mine) I was working on.


    If you ask me, he broke our vows first.  That probably doesn’t make what I’ve done right; some could never forgive me no matter what I say he did first.  Two wrongs don’t make a right and all that crap. 

    But how many would have forgiven as many times as I have?  100%, put-it-out-of-your-mind forgiveness.  Like it never happened in the first place? So when I discover he's gone and done it again I am gutted all over. 

    I have lost count of his promises to stop. I can no longer believe in his charming smiles and oaths of change.


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