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Monday, August 3, 2009

Homophonic Monday - E

We use ewes for their wool, while ewes use yews for shade. (Ahhh, yous guys crack me up!)

earn, erne, urn
Eaves, eves
edition, addition
eek, eke
eerie, Erie
e’er, ere, err, air, heir
effect, affect
eight, ate
elicit, illicit
elude, allude
elusive, allusive
emerge, immerge
eminent, immanent, imminent
ensure, insure
epic, epoch
equivalence, equivalents
errant, arrant
erupt, irrupt
eruption, irruption
eunuchs, unix
ewe, yew, you
ewes, use, yews
exercise, exorcise
exceed, accede
except, accept
existence, existents
extravagance, extravagants
eye, I, aye
eyelet, islet
eyed, I’d


  1. I'm sure glad I'm not just learning this language. I wouldn't NO which word to EWES or WIN to EWES it.

  2. Hi Bish! Hope your summer is going well in the islands. I just want to let you know that I finally put up a post on the award you gave me. I'm hopeless with these things and you will see I'm also unconventional. Hope it's okay.

  3. I still get my effect/affects mixed up, lol


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