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Monday, July 27, 2009

Homophonic Monday - D

I heard her warming up her voice, "Do, re, mi...." Then she burst into a song about a doe rolling in dough.

dam, damn
dammed, damned
dain, Dane, deign
darn, darne
days, daze
deem, deme
dean, dene
dear, deer
defused, diffused
delinquence, delinquents
dense, dents
dental, dentil
dependence, dependents
depravation, deprivation
descent, dissent
desert, dessert
devel, devil, delve
deviance, deviants
devisor, divisor
dew, do, due
dewed, dude
djinn, gin
die, dye
died, dyed
dike, dyke
dine, dyne
dire, dyer
disburse, disperse
disc, disk
discreet, discrete
discussed, disgust
dissidence, dissidents
do (as in do, re, mi) doe, dough
doc, dock
does (as in deer) doughs, doze
done, dun
donjon, dungeon
door, dor
dos, dues
dost, dust
dour, dower
douse, dowse
dowager, dowitcher
draft, draught
dray, drey
droop, drupe
dual, duel
ducked, duct
dyeing, dying


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