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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today in History

173 years ago today in 1836 Texas won it's independence from Mexico at the
Battle of San Jacinto. Sam Houston's men were rounding up run-aways when they found one man hiding in a field. He was dressed like a peasant. But Houston's men were suspicious because something glittered from beneath his ragged clothes. He was brought back to camp and the captured Mexican soldiers started to cheer, "El Presidente, El Presidente!" They had caught Santa Anna. The glitter proved to be a gold button. Texas is the only state in the Union that has been an independent and separate nation. Because of this Texans tend to be proud and independent in thought. They also tend to be friendly and gregarious. I am proud to say that my great-great grandfather and grandmother were Texas pioneers.

James Thomas Miller and his wife, Sarah Haught Miller were the second couple to be issued a marriage licence in the county of Dallas on July 23, 1846.

Also on this day:
1789 - John Adams was sworn in as the first vice-president of the United States.
1828 - Noah Webster published the first American Dictionary.
1857 - The bustle was patented. Wouldn't you know it was invented by a man...Alexander Douglas.
1865 - Abraham Lincoln's funeral train left Washington, D. C.
1948 - The first Polaroid camera was sold in the U. S.
1989 - Thousands of Chinese protested in Tienanmen Square.
Born on this day:
1819 - Charlotte Bronte
1836 - John Muir
1926 - Queen Elizabeth II

Died on the day:
1910 - Mark Twain


  1. Gosh look at the emotion in Sarah's eyes--they don't just tell a story--you can see so many stories hidden in there, bursting to come out.

  2. Angela, there is a WONDERFUL story behind those eyes. I so want to write an historical novel about the life and journies of these two people. Quite amazing.

  3. Wonderful post, Bish. Thanks for sharing all this information.

  4. Interesting bits, Bish, and I really enjoy hearing the stories of pioneers.

    I always wish I had a calendar of things like this -- all the things that have happened on all the days of the year. But if I did, I probably wouldn't get anything done...


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