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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good News!

Although I have not yet received my contributor's copy, I have gotten a check. So it is official.
My article, "Bee: A Busy Word," will be in the May/June issue of Fun For Kidz. It has been three years from acceptance to finally being published.

The issue's theme will be about bees. I used to be a bee-keeper so I did work up a couple of articles about bees. But then I thought, "Everyone is going to be sending in articles about bees. Why not do something a bit different?" So I did research on how we use the word bee in everyday conversation, like: being busy as a bee, having a bee in your bonnet, sewing and spelling bees etc. And I told a little history about how we came to use each of those terms. It was fun.

I am honored to be a contributor to this trio of children's magazines which includes Hopscotch and Boy's Quest.


  1. Fantastic! About time, too! I remember when you started work on that article. It's "the bee's knees!"

  2. What a clever angle, Bish! And I do love these magazines ... Congratulations!

  3. That's great news! Congrats.
    So I guess the check took the sting out of the long wait? :-)

  4. Thanks everyone! I'll let you know when I get the magazine.

  5. WHOO-HOO!!! And Happy Earth Day Too!

  6. That's a GREAT magazine -- but three years? Sheesh...

  7. Thanks Rena, Kim and Chrity.

    Yeah Anne, three years is a long time, but they have their theme lists for their mags out like 4 and 5 years ahead. So three years ago I submitted this article for a mag planned for this this year and it was accepted. I just sent Boy's Quest something for a mag planned for 2013! Am waiting to see if it will be accepted. If it will be four years til I see it in print.

  8. Hi, I just found your blog. I write children's PB and MG. I don't have anything published yet. Congratulations! That sure is a long wait. I guess you have to have patience to be a writer.

  9. Oh that's wonderful! Congrats!


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