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Thursday, March 12, 2009


...and a little thunder too! If it weren't so darned cold (like 38 degrees) I'd be outside dancing naked on the lawn!

Let me explain.

We are in the 18th! month! of a draught. The normal annual rainfall for our area is about 30 inches. Last year we had less than half that. It was the third driest year on record. And we were already down by nearly 3 inches for this year. Dry, dry, dry. Terribly dry. Hungry deer and fires have been a problem.

But yesterday and last night...well. We're up to 3.6 inches! And the weather people are saying we can expect more!

Rain! Lovely rain! We may actually get some spring wild flowers after all.


  1. I have today off, so I will do a rain dance for you to keep your rain coming (I will not do this naked - that would dry things up again...grin)

  2. Ugga Bugga!!! Will shake my rain stick in your direction. Shades of the drought of '57-'58 at Gifft Hill. May Mari and all the other rain goddesses be with you!

  3. I love the rain!!! Or, I wouldn't be living in the rain forest of the west coast - well, almost.

    That's great news.

  4. I love rain too, and can hardly get enough of it (and I'm someone who has spent a LOT of time in Scotland and Wales). We had a drought here too and the longer it went on, the more expensive vegetables and fruit got in the shops. So when it finally rained, I was delighted for so many reasons. Isn't it a beautiful sound when it rains? Especially when the earth is cracked and dry and thirsty...

  5. That's great you're getting some rain finally.

  6. Oh, hurray! You mentioned that awful draught on my blog, and I've been hoping you'd get rain...
    I love thunder - we don't get that very often here.


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