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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Moment of Silence

...for the crew of the Challenger which exploded on this day, 1986, 73 seconds after lift-off.

My sweetie and I had been married only four months. I was in the mall when I saw/heard the news on TVs in a display window of one of the stores. People were standing around watching it.

Of course it was shocking, heart-breaking.

Yet all explorers and pioneers risk their lives. Astronauts are no different than other explorers, like Magellan, Columbus, Lief Ericson, Lewis and Clark. Those who go before the rest of us, who "break ground," are and will always be the ones who take the greatest risk.

But then, I could go out to my mailbox this afternoon and...not come back. Life will kill you. It's the nature of the beast.

Go forth and live fully.


  1. I remember that day too. I was in school and we watched it all on t.v. Very sad.

    savor every moment.


  2. Great advice, Bish.
    I also remember that sad event.

  3. I was at home and I remember just sitting there watching the t.v. - I just couldn't seem to move, it seemed so unreal...

  4. I'll never forget that day. My boyfriend (now husband) and I were having lunch. He had picked me up from school and we grabbed McDonald's and sat in the car looking at the sky waiting to see the Challenger pass over head. (We were in Jacksonville, and you could see it on a clear bright day.) We knew something just wasn't right. We had seen take offs before. We watched, horrified as the boosters shot off and swirled away, leaving smoke trails behind them. Then everything was soon confirmed on the radio station. Horrible day. So sad. We just looked at each other in stunned silence.

  5. Great post, Bish. I remember, too.

  6. The only thing we're really guaranteed is that life will end with death. Had I my choice, I'd prefer to go the way the astronauts did, or as my dear Gene did - while doing something he really loved. To me, they all lived their lives to the fullest, especially at that final moment, and even if it was for too short a time (this last from my own very selfish point of view)!


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