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Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Wedding Picture Challenge

Rena and Brenda have put out the challenge to post wedding pictures. Mine have experienced some damage, which is why there's a sort of mossy growth on my forehead.

I was having a bad hair day experience. My hair was long, to the middle of my back. I wanted some curl in it, so I got a perm. The perm fried my hair and I had to have it all cut off. I was devastated. When I was about 8 Mom gave my short hair a perm and I hated it. So here I was on my wedding day with the same short curly hair!

We got married outside, under a cedar elm tree by the Guadalupe River at the home of my friends. That year there was a bumper crop of wild flowers called liatris. My friend, who was my matron-of-honor, and I went out along the country roads and gathered arm loads. I had in no way planned for my wedding color to be lavender, yet all the little accessories (ribbons, boutonnieres, cake decorations, crape-paper streamers) miraculously were the same color.

Last September on the 21st, Stan and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary. We are both surprised and delighted we have been together that long.

I think I'll keep him.


  1. Love the pic! and your hair looks great...I love when pics show the rings...I don't know why, but I always think that makes it more special...thanks for sharing!

    Around here you can take a damaged photo to Kings photo and they will bring it back to life...I've seen some photos that have been folded and have creases in them and when they are done, it looks like a brand new pic...

  2. Great picture and very cool about the flowers. That sounded like it worked out perfectly.

    I hope you can get your pictures restored. I had a really beautiful leather bound wedding album made up, but for some reason the leather totally deteriorated. I had to take the entire thing off, so now it's just the pages of the album. I need to have them put into something else soon.

    Thanks for sharing your story and picture, Bish! :)

  3. Great picture, and great story! And I also hope there's a place near you that can restore the picture. :)

    My husband is from India, so we got married both in the states and in India. I didn't want to do the whole white dress thing, so we got married in the court house here. But in India, it was the full four-day festival squeezed into one day. It started around 4:30am, I changed clothes four times, and ended around 11pm. Not one word of English was spoken, except by my sister-in-law who told me what I was supposed to do. If I can borrow a scanner, I'll post mine.

    Thanks for sharing yours!! :)

  4. How well I remember how upset you were about your hair, but I also remember that it looked so wonderful that day! I knew exactly what you had hoped for - both of us having been "long hair" girls most of our lives.

    Loved the setting for your wedding, too. In Texas, that property is, for me, what Windswept is in the VI.

  5. Brenda, I can do better than get our wedding pictures repaired. I have the negatives. I can get new prints!

    Thanks Rena. Every year Stan and I have somekind of bouquet with liatris in it. Sometimes we go out and find some growiong in the wild. Sometimes we go to a flower shop. If we do nothing else, we at least do that.

    Tabitha, I've heard about Indian weddings, that they can be quite the celebratory affair. Hope you find a scanner so and we can take a peak at what I'm sure was a unique experience.

    Ahh yes, Erva...Almost as nice as Windswept. As for the hair...Didn't like it then, don't like it now :O

  6. I'm so sorry about your hair, but you looked lovely anyway. Personally, I think perms should be illegal. After spending fifth grade with an afro, I'm decidedly anti-perm. :)

  7. Great picture, and I was glad to read in your comments that you still have the negatives...

    Sounds like a beautiful wedding - I've never seen liatris growing wild.


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