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Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Random Thought

We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast for this special announcement from our Sponsor.

He has turned on the switch and is calling these beautiful miracles to return to their winter home.

We saw the first of them yesterday. We will probably see more. We are honored that He has programmed them to fly over our yard.

If you happened to be blessed to witness this wonderful migration, I'm sure He would be pleased if you wished them, "Safe journey and God speed."

I give you...the Monarch Butterfly.


  1. And perched on what I think is a lantana - how pretty!
    May the Spirit that is and dwells within us and all things guide these lovely creatures home!

  2. That's so cool to witness. We have a look-alike that lives here in So. Cal., but we also see others migrating to and from Mexico.

  3. Oh, I miss seeing the Monarchs. We had them migrating over where we lived in CA each year. So pretty! We have others here in MT, but I have yet to see any Monarchs.

  4. Oh, how I would love to see the butterflies migrate. You are so blessed! Thanks for sharing the picture, it's beautiful.

  5. what a wonderful picture...I love how peaceful it seems...Thanks for sharing...


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