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Monday, November 23, 2015

Alternative, P. F. Sloan, Being Thankful

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

Thanks for stopping by last week and leaving such loving, supportive, and understanding comments. I had to step back and breathe for a while, regroup, and remember to be thankful. 


Alternatives is a recurring post in which I give synonyms for an over used word. Click on the tab above for a "complete" list of over used words.

Today's word is:
So basically, to replace this word you might have to use another lesser used but still dreaded "ly" word. However, there are a few alternatives that don't require it, like, "at heart" or "first and foremost." But even then, these phrases seem a bit trite to me. To my mind there isn't an adequate or uniquely different word to use. So my advice would be to avoid it as much as possible.

Depending on how you use it, this list may come in handy for finding another way to say the same thing.

about, above all, altogether, approximately, at heart, at bottom, at the end of the day, au


broadly, by and large, by and large

chiefly, commonly


first and foremost, first of all, firstly, frequently, fundamentally



in essence, in substance, inherently, intrinsically


mainly, more or less, most of all, mostly

near, nearly, next to, nigh, normally

on the whole, ordinarily, overall

partially, partly, plus or minus, predominantly, primarily, principally

radically, rather, roughly

some, somewhat, substantially

the fact (of the matter) is, typically



well-nigh, when all is said and done

On the Sunday, the 15th, P. F. Sloan died at age 70 of pancreatic cancer. You may not know him, but I bet you know at least one of his songs, the protest anthem made famous in 1965 by Berry Mcguire called "The Eve of Destruction." What's incredible is that P. F. Sloan wrote it while still a teenager living at home. He was quite versatile and talented writing songs for groups Jan and Dean, (1965), The Turtles, (1965), Herman's Hermits, (1965)  The Grassroots, (1966 one of my favorite pop -rock groups) and The Fifth Dimension, (1967). He also wrote Secret Agent Man, recorded by Johnny Rivers in 1966.

"From a Distance" is from his album P. F. Sloan: Twelve More Times recorded in 1966. I was such a teenager and loved this album. You can hear influences from Bob Dylan and The Byrds. It's a fitting song to share at his passing. 


Being Thankful
Today I'm thankful for:


Even though she released pestilence and evil into the world and slammed the lid closed, Pandora had the presence of mind to heed the small voice crying from within the box and opened it a second time.
What she also gave us was HOPE.
Pandora's box (artist unknown)
There is always hope. 

What are you thankful for today? Is "basically" a word you use in your writing? Ever heard of P. F. Sloan? Recognize/know any of his songs?


  1. Hope is a great thing to be thankful for and so important to having a happy life. I know as I've struggled through all my life changes to recapture mine.

  2. Didn't know she also released hope.
    I think basically is a word that should only be used in dialogue.

  3. Hi Bish - those events were appalling and the aftermath is still continuing for us in Europe. P F Sloan was a talented writer and musician ... sad to lose him so relatively young.

    Hope is such a necessary part of all our lives - personally and for the world at large ...

    Basically I don't like .. but I suspect I use it - probably not in my blog posts ... good to see you back - and Happy Thanksgiving .. cheers Hilary

  4. We remember all those songs! Our generation...
    Hope is essential---can't survive without it.

  5. I find that I over use certain words, basically, the thesaurus is my friend :)

    Hope is very important, it is what keeps me going in life!

  6. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving, Bish!

  7. I'm quite the dud today. I rarely have ever used basically but my writing is so bland that
    "basically" might perk it up a bit. LOL I've never heard of PF Sloan either but it is basically a
    nice song. LOL Again. I've always liked the paintings of those Grecian-looking women in
    their baggy, loose fitting garments. I had a picture similiar but my daughter took it and I noticed just
    last week when I went over to feed her cat, that she has the picture in her living room.
    Have a great holiday.


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