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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

F is for...

This is my 6th year for doing the challenge. To learn more go to The A to Z Challenge Blog.

This year it's all about the 
The A to Z of 

In which I will describe, show pictures of, and otherwise expound on plants and animals mentioned in the novel.

F is for Fred and Flame Tree

One of the gang of three lizards who tease and bully our hero, Marvin.

Flame Tree (or Flamboyant) is where the Great Iguana lives. The trees are not native to the islands and were deliberately seeded by a couple of men in the late 1950s (I believe) who threw seeds from a plane which explains why some areas have more trees than other areas.

Close up. The flowers naturally range from a really deep red to orange.


  1. Sometimes it works out to be a good thing when you introduce new plants to an area but mostly we hear of the disasters and take-over of a species. It appears this was beneficial.

  2. Seeds from a plane? Wow. The certainly are resilient aren't they?

  3. I first came across the flamboyant tree when writing about a wood near my home when I discovered the place to go for them is Madagascar.

  4. I love the Flamboyant Trees in bloom. Their red canopies are so beautiful. They trulyive up to their name.

  5. They threw seeds from a plane? How odd!

  6. Manzanita, Flamboyants have their problems. They are what you call messy trees particularly when they're blooming. They are also a soft wood and break fairly easily in high winds.

    Melanie and Alex, the seeds are kind of large... they scattered easily.

    Bob, I'm not sure where they a native too, but it seems they can be found all across the tropics.

    I totally agree, Faraway. They are beautiful, even though they're messy.

  7. They look really nice!

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
    2015 A to Z of Vampires

  8. Like Manzanita, I would have had concerns that flamboyance would have taken over the island.

    Striking blooms.

  9. Hi Bish - I'd be worried about the 'invader' .. and it sounds like it's not the best tree for your islands.

    I love Fred the lizard though not so happy he's part of a gang.

    They're native to Madagascar as Bob says .. but grow other places ... cheers Hilary

  10. Fred looks magnificent with his fancy fins! And those flame trees are gorgeous.

  11. I hear the name Fred and I always picture Fred the Basset Hound from Smokey and the Bandit.

  12. Beautiful trees. We have them in Hawaii too, and call them Royal Poinciana trees. Maui Jungalow

  13. Gorgeous! I love all the tropical flowers.

  14. I love this tree. They are stunning when in bloom.

  15. I love the deep reddish orange color. So vibrant!!!


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