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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thankful Thursday
Every Thursday, from now until I don't know when, I'm going to express my thankfulness, for at least ONE something.

I've chosen a picture of the Deep Field to remind me, and perhaps others, of how precious this tiny ball of dirt is, the one we call Earth. It is unique and rare and the chances of us finding something like it is rarer still. Even if we do find something like it, we are totally incapable to reaching it.

This is it. Let us be kind to Earth and each other. Let us be THANKFUL for what we have.

Today I'm thankful for SAFETY.

Safe, from the Latin salvus, meaning uninjured. Related to the Latin solidus, meaning solid and the Sanskrit sarvah, meaning uninjured, intact, whole.

I have a safe roof over my head, a safe place to sleep. There are no rioters in the streets of my town, no bullets being fired, no bombs going off which is more than I can say for a lot people in many different parts of the world.

In light of the recent mass murder of children in Pakistan... This is the official video for John Lennon's song. I warn you in advance, this is NOT A SAFE VIDEO to watch.
Did you manage to watch it all the way to the end? Did it bring you to tears? Did it make you angry and ashamed?

Today I am thankful for safety.

What are you thankful for?


Tomorrow I will continue to be politically incorrect as I join DL Hammons and many others in the Deja Vu Blogfest. Hope to see you there!


  1. Thankful also for the safety of my freedoms. Here I have the freedom of my own opinion and spiritual beliefs.

  2. I am thankful for family. I consider myself extremely lucky to have family and friends keeping me safe and loved. Unlike many. I will never take them for granted. All the best.

  3. I'm thankful that you're coming to the Deja Vu Blogfest tomorrow! :)

  4. Hi Bish - terrible life we live in - and now even worse with Ebola and not being able to touch or comfort others ..

    Why do we go to war .. life is definitely very challenging at times ..

    Thanks for this .. Safety - I'm glad of my safety ...

    With thoughts for an easier 2015 for most of the world .. Hilary


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