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Monday, November 3, 2014

Who's Your Hero?

I'm honored to be taking part in Joy Campbell's blog hop,

I have never been one to emulate, idolize, or hero worship well known or famous people. (Although I must confess I've come close when I think about George Harrison.) There may be things I like and respect about them that they've done, but I don't know them and they don't know me.

My heroes, have always been people in my life. They were people who, for the most part, I saw every day.

My parents, my grandmother, Charlotte, Miss Myra, Mr. Roy were a few of my heroes... Despite their flaws, which we all have, each of these people showed and/or taught me how to be a caring, responsible adult.

But they're all gone now, I hope having a wonderful confab under a heavenly gossip tree. 

So who can I look up to now? That would have to be my sister, Erva. 

I can't begin to tell you all the things she has done, and continues to do, for the benefit of the Virgin Islands and its people. She is a long time Rotary member and been the president of her Rotary club. She has also been the president of the League of Women Voters for the Virgin Islands, twice. She is on the Civil Rights Commission. She is an eco-warrior woman who works tirelessly to protect the islands from over-development.

Currently she is working hard, along with many other people, to help save Coral Bay on St. John  from being turned into a mega-marina which would be disastrous not only to the ecology of the bay and harbor but also disastrous to the local people.

picture of Coral Bay

And I'm going to do something here I haven't done before, share the link to a fundraising campaign to help raise money for the legal costs to protect Coral Bay. If you have a few dollars to spare... click  HERE

My hero, my sister, Erva Denham, planting a tree at the local humane society.

My hero, my sister and former school teacher, passing out dictionaries to elementary school kids through a Rotary program she has been committed to for years.

My hero, my sister, speaking directly into the Governor's ear.

Who's your hero?


  1. Your sister sounds like an awesome sister and hero. That's great how committed she is.

  2. Your sister is indeed a real life hero. Hope she wins that battle to preserve the bay.

  3. Your sister seems like a force. Great story. :)

  4. Your sister is making a difference.

  5. Hi Bish .. your sister sounds an amazing lady ... and yes I certainly hope Coral Bay is kept pristine and not spoilt by a marina ...

    Cheers Hilary

  6. Oh - I love that you included photos of your hero! Great post. :)

  7. Your sister sounds like a wonderful person...

  8. Bish, thanks so much for participating. Your sister does cover a lot of ground. People like her are inspiring with the amount of energy they bring to whatever they do. That picture of the bay is super-pretty.

  9. Natalie, She is awesome!

    Alex, It's probably the most important fight of her life, as well as all those who are in it with her.

    Mina, Indeed she is a force to be reckoned with.

    Diane, Yes, she made a difference in many areas and many people's lives.

    Hilary, I hope the fight for Coral Bay is won too!

    Thanks, Margo! I thought pictures would really show her off.

    Joy, It's been a pleasure to participate. I'm thrilled to be able to show-off my hero.

    Pat, She IS wonderful and all those other adjectives... :)

  10. Thank you for posting about your family of heroes. An inspiration for all of us.

  11. I love it! All of my siblings are heroes for me in one way or another. I could spend a whole two weeks just blogging about them, but then, that wouldn't really be fair to the rest of my fabulous family.

    Here's to the every day heroes in our lives!

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  12. Your sister is truly a hero! I can't believe all the stuff she does. I feel guilty about the nap I'm about to have. She's a motivation to us all.

  13. Hi Bish!
    ...fundraising, planting a tree, passing out dictionaries, speaking directly into the Governor's ear...
    it's giving selflessly of your time...those little, day-to-day 'behind the scenes' activities that maybe nobody really knows about...
    To me that's true heroism!
    Your sister sounds like a very special person...
    Thank you for participating in the Hero Blogfest!
    (I have to add that I really LOVE your book covers...they are too cute!)

  14. I bet it's a 2-way street and you are her hero too.

  15. Huntress, it's true, most of my heroes have been/are family members.

    Crystal, I hope someday you give your heroes some time on your blog!

    Clarissa, Just shy of 70, she only slowing down a wee bit. She puts me to shame.

    Dolorah, Indeed she is!

    Michelle, though A LOT of people know who she is and what she does, she is mostly a behind-the-scenes person who doesn't get near the recognition I think she deserves.

  16. Bish, your sister sounds like a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing about her.

  17. I just talked to Erva and she is speechless. And you how hard that is!11

  18. I'm speechless, and you know that's hard to do. Am reduced to tears! Love you so much, Bish, and you know that everything I do is for us all.


  19. Erva has indeed helped many people in genuine way. she gives and gives of herself, of her resources changing young people's life. Why she just risked her life working with a pilot program called Guns for Books through RotaryE! for young men 18-and up who were too far behind to even go to a GED, They were on a third grade reading level , unemployable with only gangs to turn to...then she helped a youth raise funds for a pig project for Guatemala...get really speak on it put she helped me beat off some corporate type like bullies in a long 18 month struggle giving hours on end to the cause


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