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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Pictures Worth more than 1000 Words

 Here are some pictures of my characters from A Lizard's Tail.

Marvin P. Tinkleberry, lizard extraordinaire.

The Great Iquana.

 The Lovely Leeza.

The Old One - Leader of the colony at Stone Wall in the Garden by the Sea.

Here are some places and plants mentioned in the novel.

Flame Tree - aka a flamboyant. At the bottom right is an oleander bush.

The Place of Gathering - aka a bougainvillea. 

A frangipani tree, sending sweet aromas into the air.

 A maho tree on the left, whose rough barked branches creak when the wind blows. On the right, a maho flower. They are related to hibiscus.

Nightblooming cereus, a cactus, which El Grecko Gecko tells Marvin about.

One of many different types of hibiscus.

Do you use pictures to help inspire your stories, to help you focus on description?


  1. Nice assortment of lizards. I don't use visuals often unless I am trying to describe something. (And failing.)

  2. Hi Bish - I think these are great - for you the author, for us to check out and to learn from ... and for the readers too ..

    Wonderful idea .. and the book is waiting for me to read .. cheers Hilary

  3. Alex, I like visuals. Particularly if I'm trying to describe some place I've never been.

    I do hope you enjoy reading about Marvin, Hilary!

    Yes, Karen, I did!

  4. Bish, those pictures are great. I know there are a lot of authors who find visuals very helpful.

  5. I'm so glad you did this! As I was reading I wanted to picture the characters and plants. I could tell how familiar you were with the local "color!"

  6. Gorgeous. I don't think lizards get much appreciation. I tend to use visuals just for description. I've never jumped *wholeheartedly* into the pic-is-worth-1000-words* belief.

  7. Love seeing the pictures behind the story. :) Awesome shots!


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