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Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for...

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K is for King

Kings, marrying off their beautiful daughters to the highest bidder, turn up in Anansi stories, just as they do in many fairy tales.

One such story in my book, Anansi and Company, is "Anansi and Beetle." To win the hand of the princess, all that is needed is a jar full of money. Of course, Anansi does not have any money, but Beetle does.

Let the games begin.

This isn't exactly a painting of a king auctioning off his daughter (it's The Judgement of Midas) but it kind of looks like it. I also like that there's a fiddle and flute player.
Abraham Govaerts - The Judgement of Midas - WGA9978


  1. Kings always have "beautiful daughters," don't they. I suppose that helps when getting the jar of money.

  2. Hi Bish,
    Thanks for sharing this story note and the lovely pic.
    Have a wonderful time of blogging!
    Happy Weekend

  3. A beautiful painting which I have not seen before.

  4. This picture works for me, Bish. As for that ransoming off business, that's another reason I appreciate my century.

  5. I can see where the painting looks like an auction with the daughter being the prized item for sale. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Poor girl. But then, I suppose she doesn't expect much else except this. It is a beautiful painting.

  7. What a lovely picture! And thank heavens I'm not one of those daughters being auctioned off! :)

  8. Love the cool to draw it in with Anansi. Kind of scary to thing that way back when, women were property, and there are places where that is still true today.

  9. The painting is lovely! It seems that Midas would be the one with the gold and Anansi should forget Mr. Beetle and go after him! lol

  10. That makes me very glad I'm not a princess.

  11. And who wouldn't want a fiddle and flute player at their auction? I imagine it would prompt people to be freer in their bidding. ;)

  12. Interesting post! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I say paintings like this shouldn't have titles so you can interpret them as you wish. :D

  14. Thank God I never was a princess nor will be :)

  15. Things aren't perfect for women today, but I'm glad I live in this era.


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