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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for...

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For this, my 5th year doing the Challenge, it's the
A to Z of Anansi the spider.

G is Guinea-Hen

Guinea-Hen is a character in the story, "Anansi, Guinea-Hen and Fish," in my book Anansi and Company. She is a hard worker, though a bit flighty.

Helmeted guineafowl kruger00

Guinea-hens used to be a fairly common sight in the Virgin Islands. Chickens have taken over. There are feral chickens all over the place, with roosters crowing at any hour of the day or night and often in the wee hours of the morning.

G is also for Goat

There are still a lot of goats in the islands and Ram-Goat is a character in my story, "Why Ram-Goat Smells."

I do love me a good goat stew....

Have you ever eaten goat?


  1. Goat's cheese yes, but I'm not a fan.

  2. We have so many guinea fowl and goats in South Africa! Before I became vegetarian, I ate guinea fowl but I've never eaten goat.

    On another note, I love your A-Z challenge this year Bish - such a clever idea to do teh A-Z of your wonderful "Anansi and Company" !

  3. Goat stew!?! I thought you were going to say how friendly they were. I don't think I could eat goat even though I eat lamb... occasionally.

  4. I totally eat goat. How can you eat Indian without goat? And goat cheese? Mmm... Wait, is it lunch time?

  5. You write about 2 of the subjects I do know something about. I grew up with guinea hens. Also I raised angora goats at the ranch. I'm sorry to say the male goats ended up in sausage.... really good sausage. Did this make me feel sad? Not really. It's cheaper than buying meat at the super market and the ranch can use only one stud. I always had a little Nubian goat that I milked. Thanks for the good memory nudge.

  6. I'm afraid I can't eat goat--we have always had them as pets and it just seems wrong to me :/ Guinea hen, on the other hand, would be tasty. Dang are those things noisy! We had them growing up (I lived on a bit of a zoo :) and they have the cutest chicks, but make that funny call all the time! :)

  7. I love the way you worded that, "a hard worker, though a bit flighty." She's actually a very pretty bird. Feral chickens - ugh!

    M. J.
    A - Z Co-Host

  8. I'm a vegetarian, so no stew for me.

    I've never seen a guinea hen before.

  9. Guinea hen was everywhere on my uncle's farm. They also appeared on my uncle's dinner table.

    As to goat. Yes. I ate goat tripe once in Turkey. Thought I would die--almost did. I still can't think of that without turning a tad green. I think I'd rather just not eat them. My neighbor has several and they are so sweet to pet that I couldn't think of doing them in.

  10. My father refused to have any sheep or goat on the farm. Said he had eaten enough mutton in the army, and goat is a cousin.

    Guinea fowl is so lovely.

  11. I don't think I ever saw a Guinea Hen on STX, but I have eaten plenty of 'Goat Water' (Goat Stew) and I like it. Fortunately, they taste better than they smell. Ha!

  12. Hi Bish - love guinea-fowl as we called them in South Africa - and in fact my ("my"!!!!) asparagus farm has guinea fowl running around ...

    And I love goat's cheese but goat stew is very rich .. good though ..

    Cheers Hilary


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