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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring is Here and An Award!

For those of you in the far north with snow still on the ground, I bring you tiding of great joy. Spring is headed your way. Despite the horrific drought we're in (its going into the FOURTH year) trees are starting to bud and bloom and the mockingbird is singing his song.

Redbud trees

A close-up of the Redbud.

I don't think any two mockingbirds sing the same song as they imitate the sounds they hear in their area. The northern birds sound quite different from the ones we have here in Texas. And the ones here differ from place to place. This guy sounds the closest to what we hear in our yard. I have seen them on the very tops of trees like this and sometimes, as if in complete joy, they leap up into the air and flutter back down to their perch. I have heard and watched a papa teach his boy how to sing. "Repeat after me, son." "Repeat after me, son." What a delight.

It's been a LONG time since I've gotten an award. Thank you  Barbara at March House Books in the UK, for passing it on. I'm not nearly so stylish as the illustration. She looks a little like Aubrey Hepburn. I mostly wear jeans with a loose top, and my dog is one hundred pounds of love and adoration, who takes up the whole couch when she stretches out on it. She's not a little fur ball on the end of a dainty leash.

That said, this award comes with no rules! I don't even have to pass it on, which, in the lives of all you busy bloggers I know you appreciate.  But here's to all of you who are each stylish in your own right. Just take it if you want it. (Alex, I'm not sure if this badge will work for you :) But if you want it, it's yours too!) 

May we all look so svelte and well put together when we go strolling down the avenue.

And for the melancholy, those feeling a bit blue around the heart, a lovely spring song to express your mood.


  1. I'm dreaming of pink trees. We got another dusting of snow this AM. Sigh. Walking the dog in heels--now there's something I don't often try! LOL.

  2. I'm in the north and our snow cover is lasting much beyond what's normal this year. Looking very forward to those budding and flowering trees.

  3. Nice photos! It's been really cold here, but the trees are finally starting to blossom.

  4. I miss redbud trees. There was a hill of them near our farm.

    Love the bird song, and the CD. She has a very retro-40s sound.

  5. There are these lovely drifting snow flakes falling right now. I have to admit they are pretty, but I liked this blog post better.

  6. What a treat to sit here at my desk and listen to that mockingbird! *waves at Bish in Springtime*

  7. wow, those redbud trees are gorgeous!!! (I'm heading into Autumn here in Oz)

  8. We have those trees as well, however it's only 23 degrees today, so I'm wondering where Spring really is.

  9. I enjoyed the pictures. CONGRATS on the award!

  10. It was such a treat to see and hear the mockingbird, that's a first for me. The blossom trees are beautiful. It’s very grey and wet in the UK today so I was pleased to find so much sunshine on your blog.

  11. Happy spring! I can't wait to start seeing everything bloom. We have snow coming on Monday- but hopefully not too much. I am looking forward to warmer weather. The pictures you shared are beautiful! Congrats on the award. :)


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