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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pet Peeves

I've gotten to the point where I pretty much ignore commercials. I do what everyone else does, turn down/turn off the sound, switch to another station, or continue doing a chore I started. But there are some commercials that really annoy me and have become pet peeves.

#1. Toilet paper for bears. Really? How many of us has answered a question that had an obvious in your face answer, with: "Does a bear crap in the woods?" Of course it does. If there's TP for bears, why not for dogs or cats or... cows?

#2. Talking mucus. I can't begin to tell how disgusted I feel when I hear/see those green blobs of talking mucus. And they go and dress them up too, like that somehow makes them "respectable." Ewww.

#3.Talking food. And there are quite a few of them out there. But doesn't it kind of weird you out to think about eating something that can talk to you? Doesn't it kind of make you feel like a cannibal?

#4. Then, of course, there are all those ads for various medications that give long detailed lists of all the possible side effects. May cause: hemorrhaging, loss of vision, dizziness, ulcers, some forms of cancer have been reported, shortness of breath, your teeth may fall out, swelling of ankles, and death. Oh yeah, I wanna take that one.

#5. And what is it with those rodents driving cars? Who are they appealing to, ten year olds who want hamsters?

Do you have a pet peeve? Is there a commercial that particularly irritates you?


  1. The medication ones are scary. I'd rather have the original disease.

  2. I can't watch them. They all irritate me.

  3. My mute button on the remote gets a workout during commercials!


  4. lolololololol Bears using toilet paper! I know, how ridiculous is that.

    And yeah, those commercials that list the side effects of the medication -- oh my God, that stuff shouldn't even be allowed as an alternative. Just pharmecutical companies making money. Jerks.

  5. I detest all commercials!

    Talking mucus! Never seen that one but seriously, what were they thinking?

  6. #4 is downright comical sometimes! :)

  7. Most commercials annoy me because they are too darn loud.

  8. The commercials that drive me crazy are the ones that when it shows the product or company at the end, you're all like, Huh? What does that commercial have to do with X product?

    All the flash and glam is a waste if it really doesn't make sense to the product being sold.


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