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Monday, February 18, 2013

Titles to Write By

"Titles" is an occasional post in which we play with a single word and turn it into, what else, titles! Afterwards the object is to pick one and write a little something; a poem, a 100 word drabble or even a novel!

It was Ray Bradbury, in his book ZEN IN THE ART OF WRITING, who taught me about making lists of words and turning them into titles which you can then use for inspiration. If you haven't read it do so.

For no particular reason today's word is: 


I can hear those teenagers now... So let's play along with them

Whatever You Say, Mom
There's No Doubt, Whatever
Whatever it's Worth
Forever, Whatever, Who Cares?
She Does Whatever She Can (Sounds like an Anthony Trollope novel.)
Whatever Happened to Happiness?
He's Jealous, Whatever.
Whatever Works
For Whatever Reason
It's Cool, Whatever
Whatever You Want
Friends Are... Whatever

While I was clearing those annoying spam messages I inadvertently deleted a whole bunch of comments from YOU GUYS. Gone. Forever, whatever, who cares? I DO!

Can you think of other titles? Do any of these spark an idea?

Anyway... Here's John Lennon and Elton John, live, doing, Whatever Gets You Through the Night.
Whatever gets you through the night 'salright, 'salright
It's your money or your life 'salright, 'salright
Don't need a sword to cut through flowers oh no, oh no

Whatever gets you through your life 'salright, 'salright
Do it wrong or do it right 'salright, 'salright
Don't need a watch to waste your time oh no, oh no

Hold me darlin' come on listen to me
I won't do you no harm
Trust me darlin' come on listen to me, come on listen to me
Come on listen, listen

Whatever gets you to the light 'salright, 'salright
Out the blue or out of sight 'salright, 'salright
Don't need a gun to blow your mind oh no, oh no

Hold me darlin' come on listen to me
I won't do you no harm
Trust me darlin' come on listen to me, come on listen to me
Come on listen, listen


  1. When kids use "whatever" it sounds so defiant.
    As in, "son/daughter,please pick up your room."

  2. The Dark Whatever Rises.
    Star Whatever Wars.
    Oh yeah, could have fun with that!

  3. Sounds like a great book! Titles are so hard for me when I write, so maybe I need to reverse the process!

  4. This is a great exercise. I haven't read Bradbury's Zen on the Art of Writing. I'll have to check it out!

  5. Whatever. The word of the 21st Century.

  6. Whatevah! *wink* John is my fav. *tearing up* I remember after he died and Yoko wanted his fans to do 30 minutes(I think) of silence. I made my mom turn the TV off and be quiet. :-) She was a tad perturbed. Hahaha.

    You sparked me, my friend. (Awesome exercise) I heart you.

  7. I loved Bradbury's book and his idea is very effective. Love the "Whatever" in the titles. I'm off to see if I can work that into one of my own. :-)

  8. Fun post! I can hear my 5th grade students saying, "whatever".

    I don't care...whatever. :)


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