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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Alternatives is a recurring post in which I give synonyms for an over used word. Click on the tab above for a "complete" list of over used words. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Depending on how you use it, this list may come in handy for finding another way to say the same thing.

Today's word is:  Beautiful

You can learn about its etymology HERE.

To me, there isn't anything that can adequately take the place of BEAUTIFUL. The word itself, the way it sounds, the way it rolls off the lips is... beautiful. Certainly, pulchritudinous doesn't cut it. Anyway, we can all over-use it and to that end I offer up this list of possible synonyms. 

A1, admirable, Adonis, adorable, aesthetic, alluring, angelic, A-OK, Aphrodite, Apollo, appealing, arresting, attractive, awesome

bang-up, banner, beaming, beauteous, becoming, bewitching, blooming, blue-chip, blue-ribbon, boffo, bonny, boss, brag, brave, bright, bright-eyed, brilliant, bully, bumper, butterfly

capital, captivating, charming, chocolate-box, choice, classic/classy, comely, cool, corking, crackerjack, cracking, cunning, cute

dainty, dandy, dapper, dazlious, dazzling, decent, delicate, delightful, desirable, dish/dishy, divine, doll, dope, down, drop-dead, dynamite

elegant, enchanting, engaging, enthralling, enticing, excellent, exceptional, exquisite, eye-catching

fab, fabulous, fair/fairness, famous, fancy, fantabulous, fantastic, fascinating, fetching, fine, first-class/first-rate/first-string, fit to be seen, five-star, flamboyant, flashy, flawless,
flower-like, foxy, frontline

gangbusters, gilt-edged, glamorous, glorious, glossy, glowing, gone, good-looking goodly, gorgeous, grace/graceful, grand, great, groovy

handsome, harmonious heavenly, Helen of Troy, high-class, high-grade, high-test, hot, hunk/hunky

ideal, immaculate, immense, in full bloom, inviting

jaunty, jim-dandy, Junoesque

keen, knockout

likely, lovely, lovesome, luscious

magnetic, magnificent, marvelous, mesmeric

Narcissus, natty, neat, nice, nifty, noble, nubile, number one, numero uno

ornamental, out-of-sight

par excellence, peachy, perfect, personable, photogenic, picturesque, pleasant/pleasing,
polished, premium, prepossessing, presentable, pretty, prize-winning, pulchritudinous

quaint, quality

radiant, radical, ravishing, refined, resplendent, rich, righteous, rosy/rosy-cheeked ruddy

scenic, seductive, seemly, select, sensational, sexy, shapely, shining, show-stopping, showy, sightly, sleek, slick, smart, snazzy sparkling, splashy, splendid/splendor, spotless,
spruce, statuesque, stellar, sterling, striking, stud/studly, stunning, sublime, superb, superior, superlative, supernal, swell, symmetrical

taking, tantalizing, tasty, teasing, telegenic, tempting, terrific, the Graces, tidy, tight, tip-top, toothsome, top/topping top-flight, top-notch, top-of-the-line, top-shelf, trim

undefaced, unsoiled, unspotted, unsurpassed


well-favored, well-formed, well-made, winning, wizard (mostly British), wonderful



And I leave you with, "White Bird," by It's a Beautiful Day, a group from the late sixties. I think they were ahead of their time. 

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