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Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Caribbean Fish Dinner

Below is an article about my grandmother, Erva Boulon. It was written by Clementine Paddleford, a food writer who wrote for The New York Herald Tribune, The New York Sun, The New York Telegram and a magazine called This Week. This Week, was a Sunday magazine supplement that was read by as many as 14.6 million people.

The article appeared in This Week on January 26, 1958. It was recently discovered in the archives of the St. John National Park while they were cataloging and organizing. My cousin Rafe, who is Chief of Resource for the park, emailed me a copy.

I love the drawings that accompany it.

Do you think you'll try the fish and coconut torte? I can assure you, from personal experience, it's all quite tasty.


  1. That's cool. Broiled fish fillets maybe, but the cream and coconut in the second one probably wouldn't sit well with me.

  2. I'd definitely try it! I didn't like seafood when I was a kid (except for tuna) but I finally developed a taste for it when I was a freshman in college. I love seafood now!

    What a wonderful article to have about your grandmother. You have a fascinating family and friends history on these islands, Bish!

  3. Yummmm. I'm hungry. What a treasure to have these old articles.

    Bish, I've tagged you on my blog for the Next Big Thing, and I hope you will play.

  4. How special your grandmother was featured! Sorry, wish I still ate fish, as it sounds good.

  5. Wow! What a find! And how the recipes sound delicious. You have amazing people in your family, Bish!

  6. How fun! Finding stuff like this that have bits of someone you were close to after they are gone is so special. Also, love the pics (below). CHeers!

  7. How cool! I think it is awesome that your grandma was written up this way. I will probably try the broiled fish. Maybe the coconut- but I am not a big fan of coconut. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Well, since I'm from the Keys, I know you know that I will try them both! Right? *wink*

    How lovely for your grandmother. And the drawings are awesome. I'm glad you have this Bish! Made me hungry. :-)


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