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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Yellow Dragon - Part Two

As I posted last week, Monday, The Yellow Dragon was a 1948 CJ2 that my parents bought soon after we moved to St. John in 1955.

It was our work horse and pulled a Sears trailer that we used for hauling everything from rocks to our twelve foot boat, the F.D.O. 

But the trailer wasn't the only thing The Yellow Dragon hauled.

At one time there was a road that connected the north side of St. John above Caneel Bay to Centerline Road which runs through the middle of the island. It was called the Catchment Road because Caneel Bay had built a big concrete water catchment near the old trail. (The road is now called the Catchment Trail and is no longer jeepable.)

The Old Catchment, used for catching and collecting rainwater.
Photo by Jim Viola used with permission.
I found this great picture at St. John Villa Rental. Don't tell anyone, but I know people (names withheld on purpose) who occasionally swim in it. Understand this water was used by Caneel Bay for the guests.... Errr.

Now back to my story.

The Catchment Road was steep with several switchback turns. One of the switchbacks was so rocky that if it wasn't navigated in just the right way the transmission of the jeep could get hung up on the rock outcroppping. If that happened you were stuck and had to do some fancy clutch work to get traction and maneuver off the rocks.

I don't know if the bulldozer that got stuck on the road was attempting to widen it, or if the operator was using the road as a shortcut. But the up-shot was that due to rain and the road being slick the bulldozer slid off one the switchbacks. In the process, it came off one of its tracks.

Somehow the monster had to be gotten out of there and that's when Dad and The Yellow Dragon came to the rescue.

With a lot of sweat and muscle the heavy metal track was hitched to the jeep. Snorting and breathing fire like any good dragon that jeep, with Dad coaxing it along inch by inch, managed to pulled the track into a position so the operator could drive the dozer back onto the track. 

I don't know if many modern-day "jeeps" that can claim to have rescued a bulldozer let alone done it on a steep, narrow, rocky road. But The Yellow Dragon did. 

Next Monday, Part Three.

Have you used your car to pull anything unusual?


  1. They don't make vehicles like that anymore.

  2. My current car is a Honda Civic hybrid. It's mighty at saving gas, but only four cylinders, so... not really a workhorse.

    My previous car was an Explorer. Never hauled anything, but could've - and I did hit a squirrel once, if that counts for anything.

    Love the Yellow Dragon, especially with those great stories attached.

  3. No, I've never had a vehicle that could haul anything. OUr friends just bought a monster truck to hall their new trailer. It barely fits in their garage.

  4. That was one strong Jeep to pull a bulldozer!

  5. Love the tales of the Yellow Dragon.

  6. I wouldn't think it'd be able to do this ... looks can be decieving.

    We've not hauled anything spectacular, except a rototiller ... I'd love to have a camper or a boat (now that we live in SC) but those things will have to wait until my books turn into movies! Oh, wait, first the mss have to turn into books. LOL. I'm getting ahead of myself.

  7. Wow, that was a strong jeep. No, I'm a mini-van mom, so I don't really pull anything.

  8. I love the Yellow Dragon. It is like the Little Engine that Could! Amazing to think about the beating it took. Can't wait for part 3. :)

  9. I've never used my car to haul anything.

    Interesting pics and post.

  10. The Yellow Dragon that could. Now there's a PB waiting to happen. :D

  11. Nope, I've never used my car to pull anything. I once put a massive tree stump in the back of the car. Why oh why did I do that? Because I could...

  12. The Yellow Dragon is a legend! Hm... can't think of anything strange my car has pulled!

  13. Yellow Dragon to the rescue! Gee, you never know what's been in the water that comes out of your tap. :)

  14. Yellow Dragon to the rescue! Gee, you never know what's been in the water that comes out of your tap. :)

  15. i have kinda jeep, but i don't think i would try this :0


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