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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random Thought Thursday

I haven't done one of these in a while. Today I thought I'd share two quotes by two different people that relate to their friendship and speaks volumes.

George Harrison said of Bob Dylan:
Can you imagine what a world it would be if we didn't have a Bob Dylan? It would be awful.

Bob Dylan said of George Harrison:

He inspired love... the world is a profoundly emptier place without him.

The two collaborated many times.

Let's hear it for collaboration.

Do you have a favorite someone you'd like to collaborate with? 


  1. At this moment, Jane Austen. I'm having trouble with my next story.

  2. My writers group has three super people I'd love to collaborate with. Then I guess on the famous side of things, I'd like to do one day of collaboration with Lady GaGa. That may seem a little strange, but she amazes me and I'd like to know what makes her famous. :-)

  3. What a great post! I love collaborating with my co-author, Stephanie. If I had to go the famous route- it would either by J.K. Rowling (although I may be too intimidated) or Madonna. :)


  4. Joss Whedon. That would me majorly fun.

  5. these two are great--i wonder what they thought of jim croce and john denver :)

  6. I honestly don't know if I'd like to collaborate. I think not. I tend to go it alone. But I've never really had a chance to collaborate either. However, in school, I preferred individual projects. Part of it was being unwilling to risk my grade on somebody else's performance. But I think I could be a team player under the right circumstances.

  7. I'm reading Marcia's response and laughing. We could be twins. I had the worst lab partners, so I did all the work. I didn't care that it was supposed to be a collaboration. I prefer to work alone and thank goodness, most of my life I've been able to. Even doing housework/cooking with the kids makes me expend more energy than what I'd like to ...

  8. I don't have a collaborator in writing, but in other areas of life collaborators have moved me deeply and taught me plenty. I've had bad experiences like Marcia and Vijaya--many moments in life, at school and in my career, the other person did little or nothing--but when you find the right person it's like magic.

  9. Great post. I'd have to say Joss Whedon too.

  10. Yeah, can I say Joss too?
    Great quotes.


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