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Thursday, June 21, 2012


"Titles" is a recurring blog post in which we play with a single word and turn it into, what else, titles! Afterwards the object is to pick one of them and write a little something.

For no particular reason today's word is: ORCHID

Well, actually, there is a reason, orchids were my mother's favorite flower and, in remembering her, I think of orchids.

Did you know the word orchid comes from the Greek orkhis which means testicle? I wonder who came up with THAT name to describe such a beautiful flower. 

I mean, really, do they LOOK like testicles?

I think not!

Orchids 003

White Orchids

Chiang Mai Orchids P1110352

Here are some titles:

Orchid of Love
Light of the Orchid
The Orchid Child
Orchids for Cordelia
The Orchid Tree
The Fairy Orchid
The Magic of Orchids

On the day my sister Erva and I put our mother's ashes out to sea my husband, Stan, wrote this series of three haiku in honor of her.

Her long life of love
Chiang Mai Orchids P1110343
Nourishes the sea water
While orchids stand watch

Let the waves rush in
Swallow this basket of love
Bring peace to our world

Alone two women
Reflect into the moonlight
Mom's life long season

Now it's your turn. Make up a title or write a little something using the orchid as inspiration and leave it in the comments. Consider these pictures, my orchid bouquet to you.


  1. Um, no, they don't look like testicles.

  2. Orchids are certainly lovely!

    What beautiful haikus in honor of your mom, Bish!

  3. Orchids are just perfect but they are so hard to maintain. I always kill mine so I have to enjoy other peoples. Titles are also tricky and finding the right one helps portray a book's concept.

  4. The poem is even more gorgeous than the orchids.

    One Lonely Orchid, One Lonely Testicle -- sounds like a good title to me, a love story, perhaps?

    Have you ever heard of this phrase when telling someone to make sure they have everything? We use it all the time in our home: Spectacles, testicles, watch and wallet.

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your mother! And orchids don't look like testicles, but I read somewhere (and I'm not sure if this is urban legend or not) but apparently some species got banned in some parts of the world because they too closely resembled... cough ... ladies' parts. Yeah. Talk about turning something beautiful into something perverse with gutter minds!

  6. If I take off my glasses and squint a bit, then actually they do look like testicles! So that means whoever named the flowers was blind! ;)

    I do love orchids though.

  7. I might be wrong, but I think the name is derived from Greek Mythology.

    They're my favorite flowers. Especially when they're white.


  8. The haiku are lovely.

    I've always loved orchids, in name and their lovely appearance.

  9. Hi Bish .. love the photos and that story of you being able to take your mother's ashes out into a beautiful watery world - where her love can wash through to others in life ..

    Never really quite come to terms with orchids .. I love the Slipper Orchids we get in the fields ..

    Cheers Hilary

  10. Ooh, that's what orchid means? Weird.

    That's a beautful poem.

  11. I knew a vet once who had a collection of 'orchidometers' on his wall. I'll leave you to work out what they were!

    The poem is beautiful. You have a very caring husband.

  12. Bish, I'll never think of orchids the same way again!

  13. They've always been one of my favorites!

    For some reason BLOOD ORCHID popped into my head. I write mysteries, what can I say? :)

  14. Testicle??? ROTF. That is seriously messed up. How can some thing so beautiful have such a terribly in accurate meaning?

    I have my first orchid...a gift from a friend. I have to figure out now to see how to keep it alive.


  15. I'd read a book called Light of the Orchid.

    Love the haikus.

  16. These are beautiful. Usually, when I look at flowers, all I can come up with is 'these are beautiful.' :)

  17. Testicles? I shall remain silent.

    Simply loved the haiku your hubby wrote after your ashes ceremony for your Mom. As beautiful as the orchids in your photos! (Orchids are one of my favourite flowers too!)

    Judy, South Africa


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