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Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Robin Hood

For this, my third year doing the challenge, I am going literary. For every letter of the alphabet I will talk about a book, an author or a character from fiction or myth that made an impression, was inspirational, or caused me to think.

Like Peter Pan and Don Quixote, could there possibly be another choice?
File:Robin Hood Memorial.jpg
The Robin Hood Memorial in Nottingham near the castle 

Who among us doesn't long for a Robin Hood to save us from the evil Enrons and Burnie Madoffs of the world?

What girl doesn't want to be a Maid Marian who gets rescued?

Who doesn't groan under heavy taxation?

Who doesn't want to take from the rich and give to the poor?

Where is our hero?

Many, many movies have been made about this legendary hero. But I still think the 1938 version with Errol Flynn is the best. He's just so darn pretty! I love that it's been colorized... just look at the sparkles on his tunic! Sigh....

R is Robin Hood  Other R influences include: Rainer Maria Rilke, The Red Badge of Courage, Roget's Thesaurus.

And I cannot leave today without paying homage to a great musician.

Rest is peace, Levon Helm, who died yesterday. He can be heard singing the lead on the third verse, on this, one of the most beautiful songs ever, Whispering Pines.

If you find me in a gloom, or catch me in a dream
Inside my lonely room, there is no in between
Whispering pines, rising of the tide
If only one star shines
That's just enough to get inside

I will wait until it all goes 'round
With you in sight, the lost are found

Foghorn through the night, calling out to sea
Protect my only light, for she once belonged to me
Let the waves rush in, let the seagulls cry
For if I live again, these hopes will never die

I can feel you standing there
But I dont see you anywhere

Standing by the well, wishing for the rains
Reaching to the clouds, for nothing else remains
Drifting in a daze, when evening will be done
Try looking through a haze
At an empty house, in the cold, cold sun

I will wait until it all goes 'round
With you in sight, the lost are found


  1. I remember having to read RobinHood for school and not being able to decide if he's a hero or a thief.

  2. Hi Bish,

    I really enjoyed your post and had to include your blog in my A.D.'s FAV 5 of the A to Z Challenge today.

    If you do not see the post yet, I am still working through- you are #3 :0)
    Have a wonderful Friday!

  3. I wrote about Robin Hood today too.

    Whenever I played Robin Hood games, I was always the one with the bow. I never wanted to be Maid Marion.

  4. I loved The Band. I never thought they got their due. They were awesome. Thanks for the memories, Bish.

    And I figured you'd do Robin Hood or The Red Badge of Courage. You and I are so alike. You have NO idea. :-)

  5. I loved Robin Hood as a child, but then I grew up and liked him a lot less -- the ends did not justify the means. And now that I'm even older, I've become more ornery and can see that the road to hell is truly paved with good intentions.

    Have a good weekend Bish. I don't know how you keep up with the daily blog posts, but I have enjoyed reading them. Thank you.

  6. Hi Bish .. absolutely .. one of my childhood tv favourites .. as you say - who wouldn't want to be Robin, or Maid Marian ...

    I'm enjoying The Band playing ..

    Then I had to look up Vijaya's word "ornery" I hadn't heard it before .. a very good word for Irritability ..

    Cheers Hilary

  7. You're so right. Please send us a Robin Hood, maybe several since we're in this global mess and could use a multi-cultural Hood here and there.

    In high school Roget was my constant companion. I loved all those synonyms and antonyms.

    Onward to S and the home stretch, Bish. Are you back to the old Blogger or did you take on the new format? Will they n'er leave well enough alone?

  8. Robin Hood and Roget's Thesaurus - together again!

  9. yes robin was a good guy---my husband introduced me to the band--some thirty something years ago--he will be missed

  10. Love reading Robin Hood, and though I don't think I'm supposed to admit it, I liked the Kevin Costner version. I also liked the most recent one, which has a very different take, staring Russell Crowe. In my family though, we also get a huge chuckle out of the spoof, Robin Hood, Men in Tights.

  11. Sigh . . . that song has such beautiful words. I too am a Robin Hood fan. My favorite is the animated version. :)

  12. Oh the Red BAdge of that story! I actually forgot about it until you mentioned it! Robin Hood, how interesting there's a statue of him...

  13. Interesting poem. Simply beautiful write up though. Amazed to watch this exceptional video clips. I want to add this post on nottingham blog.

  14. Robin Hood really is one of my favorite favorite characters. I love the book The Outlaws of Sherwood. It's the best I think.


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