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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring... arriving early this year. She has not crept in quietly either. She's just sort of barged her way in, muscling winter aside. Winter's been puny, not that I mind the mild weather. We've even had a little rain, a couple or three inches. It's not near enough to break the drought (we need over a foot to do that) but it's a start. But with Spring showing up on the doorstep so soon, and already having days reaching 80-82 degrees, one wonders what the summer will bring.

Signs that Spring is in our yard.

For the first time since we planted it, several years ago, the native mountain laurel is blooming. To most people it's sprays of purple blossoms smell just like grape bubblegum. That's Ursa, our dog.

 For the first time, these native blue irises are putting on buds.

And, the agaritas have burst into bloom. The tiny flowers, not much bigger than a pencil eraser put off a heady honey-like aroma that we can smell through-out our yard. Maybe this year I'll try to harvest some berries and make some jelly.

Anything springing up in your yard?


  1. The worst thing about spring is, that the best weather does the worst number on my head! My mountain laurel and agarita are also blooming, also the lily-of-the-valley I inherited from a previous tenant, also salvia and lantana. The redbud is starting to get past the bloom stage right on schedule, with the first leaves putting out, and the oak trees are misting green.

    All of which has just given you a much too gorgeous idea of my yard. What's really doing well is goosegrass, because my head threatens to fall off if I do anything reckless, like stand up, so I haven't been able to keep ahead of it. But perhaps today will be better.

  2. Our weather has been mild enough that some of my wife's flowers started coming up in January.
    Grape bubblegum? Now that's a flower smell I can get into.

  3. Not yet! But I've seen a couple yards with some flowers poking through.

    Pretty pictures, Bish!

  4. Here in NC our flowers are blossomed and are on their way out already...regardless, I welcome it! lovely photos...

  5. So early! Not yet over here, I'm afraid. I love the pics you posted, especially the blue iris bud.

  6. I miss the spring flowers from Illinois. When the redbud and dogwood bloomed, the hills along the country roads were breathtaking.

  7. Nothing here. Just waiting for the daffodils to put in an appearance to tell me that Winter might actually take a hike!

  8. It's begun here, but I refuse to take the leaf litter off my garden because I KNOW there will be one more freeze and I don't want to lose everything like I did last year.

  9. There is something about spring that is so exciting. Full of new life, and fresh starts. But also, by this time of the year, I'm tired of teaching and I'm ready for my spring break!


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