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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Six Impossible Things

Okay, I know I haven't been visiting around much the last couple of weeks. I'm busy doing what writers do...revising. So if you don't see me much, be compassionate and understanding.

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Advice from an old crone.

When life gets you down, think of six impossible things before breakfast.

If you are aren't smiling by the sixth thing, think of six more. Keep thinking of impossible things until you do smile, or until you understand that life itself is impossible.

Yet here we are.

Today's Six Impossible Things

1. Tea with Gandhi
2. Which means there's time travel
3. Spend the week-end with some elves
4. Being able to levitate
5. Being a perfect speller
6. World peace

What impossible things can you think of?


  1. 1) Losing 50 pounds with a twitch of my nose.
    2) Tea with Jane Austen.
    3) Lunch with the Prince Regent.
    4) Opening my back door and walking across the street to the ocean (like I used to do.)
    5) Transporting to New Zealand.
    6) Having the next book finished.

    I'll take 1 & 6. The rest are really impossible.

  2. Teleportation!
    Yeah, that will do it...

  3. Walking on top of the ocean.
    Meeting my grandfather.
    Scratching a mega-winning lottery ticket (impossible because I don't buy them.)
    Revising parts of my childhood.
    Okay, that's four, and I need to get to work.

    Oh, BTW, can I steal the first line of your blog post and put it up as mine? :)

  4. Fun advice. Hmmm, revisiting dead relatives, stepping back into the past, no more suffering (for anyone, anywhere), being able to stop time, being able to be in two places at once, and peace on Earth.

  5. Dancing with Yul Brynner in the King & I.
    Asking my great-great grandmother questions about life on an Indian Reservation.
    Understanding more at an earlier age.

    Can't think of anymore right now, but that is a start.

  6. I want to spend the weekend with elves!!!

  7. Well, your list made me smile, so I'll have to give it a try! I'll start by teleporting myself to Santorini.

  8. Living without sleep.
    Twenty six hours in a day.
    I'm sensing a theme :-)

  9. Hello! I'm stopping by to check out your blog. I'm also participating in the A to Z challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing what you blog about in April.


  10. I must try and remember to think of this when things seem all negative.

  11. Love your list of impossible things.

    Stopping by to welcome you on board the A to Z Challenge April 2012
    We shall have loads of fun exchanging comments and visits!

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z


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