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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random Thought Thursday

I haven't been around much this past week because I've been busy in our yard. See, we had this old 500 gallon propane tank that quit on us. After some discussion we decided to get a new 250 gallon tank. Well, it wasn't just a matter of removing the old tank and installing the new one. Nope. It required de-landscaping a good portion of our yard, which included tearing apart plant beds and removing a small small tree.

Bye-bye old tank. Had to pull away a fence, and where the tractor is were two  plant beds.

Hello new tank. You can see in right in front of the tank some of the trees roots left behind.

There were other beds in the area that also had to be taken apart so the tank could go in.

New tank installed.

We were then left with a tore up yard, as one might say here in Texas. See all those rocks stacked up? They came from the beds...had to be put back.

We got dirt hauled in, then heard it was going to rain. If we didn't get the yard back together ASAP it was going to turn into the world's largest mud pie.

What a mess!

Five days later, with outside help on only one day, the yard is back together. We are aching, sore and tired. But we got it done before the rains came, which they did.

All the dirt piles are spread out, the plant bed reset with rocks.

This is where the tree was...You can see the difference between the picture with wheelbarrow and this one.

If you don't see me around much the rest of this week, I hope you'll understand why. All that work...weren't so easy to do, not like when I was younger.

I'm recuperating.

Have you done anything lately that required an extended amount of hard physical labor?


  1. Working with our hands keeps us humble, no? I've not done any hard physical labor for a long while -- but spring is almost here and I think I want to start a garden, so there will be digging in my near future. I think I'll sip tea while I make the kids dig. They have far more energy to expend.

  2. Don't you like working under pressure?
    It seems every small home project turns into a big one for me.

  3. Well, time for you and Stan to just relax and hit up the ibuprofin bottle. Great job, massive undertaking. You weren't kidding.

    I've got to do my own yard this year. I've been putting it off for the last three years, but in order to sell our house, the yard needs to be redone. We'll see what happens.

  4. Wow! I'm aching for you, but in the end, when things start growing again, you'll feel so...rewarded. And the rains? They came? Isn't that a terrific thing too?

  5. Sheesh, I'm tired just looking at this. My right arm doesn't work very well which tends to get me out of a lot of stuff, but as far as I'm concerned, weeding my postage stamp sized garden a couple of times every summer is more than enough manual labour for this gal!

  6. Wow! That is some hard work!!
    Soak in a tub and read, Bish! :)
    Last October I packed up the entire basement in boxes by myself (my husband lives in another town for business during the week) and I worked from morning til night for weeks. I was sore. And now we probably aren't moving after all and I should probably go through the boxes. :)

  7. WOW! I'm jealous. I wish I had a garden to fix up!

  8. Oh my goodness! That is a good excuse to sit around with a book. It looks very nice...great job...I'm impressed!

  9. Oh no!
    I avoid physical labor :)
    It looks good again now though so you must be happy with the effort put in.

  10. Funny you should ask. We're in the process of moving. It's taking forever and I'm no spring chicken either. It's kicking my butt, all the bending, stooping, lifting, packing, unpacking, driving. Repeat. Add babysitting grandbaby 9 hrs. a day M-F starting a couple weeks ago and I'm a zombie.

    Your yard is huge and looks great now that its put back together. Moving large rocks/boulders is hard work. I've had more than my share of those days. And moving dirt is hard, too. Dry dirt is heavy enough, but if you hadn't beat the rain, that would have been much harder. Bummer that you lost a tree and some of your plants. Take it easy. Hope you get your spunk back quick!

  11. WOW. That was a big job! By the way, I'm glad to hear it rained. I know you've needed it.

    As for physical labor, thankfully, NO! :)

  12. That's a lot of work, Bish. Wow. But the yard looks good after all the hard work. With a bit more rain and spring time weather, I bet it will be gorgeous again.

    No lugging and hauling around here for the time being. I'm sporting a shoulder injury that has my arm in a sling (which is really just a great excuse to avoid hard labor).


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