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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Day That Will Live in Infamy

On this day in 1941, the United States was drawn into World War II with the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.

Burning ships at Pearl Harbor

Three of my uncles were in the Pacific War. One was a Marine, two were in the Navy. My father's mother, Nana, told a story about having a dream. She saw her son, my uncle, on a ship that was under attack (this was after Pearl Harbor.) She awoke yelling, "JUMP, JUMP!" She found out later he had been on a ship that had been attacked and that he had jumped into the ocean.

He was one of the ones who survived.

The Greatest Generation is growing fewer and fewer in number. Let us not forget those who lived, worked, fought, loved and died through, not only the Great Depression, but also World War II. Certainly they made it possible for me and you to have a very easy life. And I am extremely glad we are at peace with Japan and have come to reap the benefits of their many innovations.

Do you have any family history about World War II?


  1. Pear Harbor was such a pivotal moment in our history. Imagine if we'd had the Internet and media connections then that we do now?

  2. I'm so glad that you paid tribute to this day, Bish. Such a tragic event and day in our history. It still resonates even after all of the years that have passed.

    P.S. I love the story of your father's mother and her dream! Wow.

  3. I love the dream story. I believe God speaks to us in dreams.

    I both do and don't have family history from WWII. My dad was in the Marines in the Pacific Theater, and I know he was in the landing on Tarawa. He was injured but fully recovered. I know little else. My mother said, "When the war was over, he closed the book on it." I know he had some PTSD, but I admire him for being able to create a very normal adult life for himself and our family.

  4. Impressive photo!

  5. Thanks for the reminder. Very sobering and so important that we don't forget. I think that's why I ended up writing the hitler youth historical that I did.


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