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Monday, October 17, 2011

With a Little Luck

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Many famous people have visited St. John. 

Back around 1965 or so, I was with a group of four or five friends walking along the beach in Cruz Bay when we saw two figures run down the pier and hop into a boat. They must have thought they were being chased by hoards of screaming teen-aged girls. 

But they weren't, it was just us. And we were singing the latest Dave Clark Five hit at the top of our lungs as we jumped up and down waving madly. We couldn't really see them all that clearly as they had towels over their heads, but we always felt it was Paul and Ringo running down the street.

Years later George stayed at Caneel Bay. There were a couple of evenings he showed up at the bar, and impromptu, picked up a guitar and played and sang. I'd love to be able to say I happened to be there the nights it happened, but alas I wasn't.

Left to right, Francis Bay, Lillie Maho (where we had our guest house) Big

Now take a look at this photo. 

Back in May of 1977 three yachts anchored at Francis Bay.  There were all kinds of rumors.

This is a picture of a maho flower.
It's a tree hibiscus. 
And they were true. It was Paul McCartney and Wings. One of the yachts was called Fair Carol and was a recording studio. A second yacht was for the band. The third yacht was for Paul, Linda and their kids. 

No joke.They were anchored at Francis Bay from May 1st through the 31st.

They recorded seven songs that can be found on the album London Town.

With a little luck, we saw them occasionally. But no one ever took notice, which is probably why they picked St. John. They could wander around like other ordinary tourists. They could blend into the scenery like chameleons and enjoy themselves.

One of the songs they recorded at Francis Bay was, "With a Little Luck."

I like this early, rough version. Just Paul singing with his base line strong and clear.  You can almost hear the water washing on the shore, feel the rocking of the boat.

Have you ever been around anyone "famous"? Even met an idol in person?


  1. My parents told me that I sat on Neil's (from The Young Ones) lap when I was a kid. :o)

  2. What a cool story. The only famous people I ever met were chefs from New England. Jasper White, Todd English, and one more, whose name I can't remember. No big deal. They were real jerks.

  3. I love that song. Your story is great. I don't think I've ever met a celebrity. Oh, I was at the same party as a girl from the English group S Club 7 if that counts? She was extremely rude.

  4. Wow, how cool! Hmm, can't say I have. Oh, scratch that, Lucien Freud used to live just down the street from me, right up until his death a few years ago. I rarely saw him, though.

  5. I'm glad you posted that song; what a great way to start my morning. I was such a huge Paul McCartney fan, I would have loved to have seen him. Yes, I've met celebrities (if you remember my post on Liz Taylor's purse). BTW, congrats on going over 300 followers!

  6. Unfortunately, I've never met anyone famous. Cool story.

  7. How cool to be so close to a legend!

    I've been in the same airplane as Jessica Simpson. I also went to the same church with Clay Aiken before he was on American Idol. We still see him come through our restaurant drive through from time to time. :0) That's my claim to fame. fun post! And great pics!

  8. I can imagine that a lot of famous people would gravitate to such a paradise. How exciting to have the connection to your home and the Beetles!

    I met Peter O'Tool at Heathrow one time. Craigy-faced and totally superior attitude, yet he had that dash about him that was charming.

  9. Too cool!! I've never been around anyone famous or anything, but maybe someday I will. =)

  10. No one as iconic as Paul, but I did get Jared Leto's autograph at a Thirty Seconds to Mars concert... which I only attended because I used to swoon over him as Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life.

  11. I've actually never met a famous person. I think. Well, obviously it didn't mark me if I did. :)

    But pretty cool! St. Johns sounds like such a beautiful, laid-back place to live.

  12. All my idols are dead, but I dreamed of meeting Mother Teresa ...

    But I have met some famous people in my past life as a scientist. Not Einstein though ...

  13. Oh great song! I don't usually find myself next to the rich and famous, and when I do...I don't recognize them as such! Just as well. I'd probably be star struck!

  14. I met the Monkees once. And when I was working at the TV station, I met Regis & Kathie Lee (that tells you how long ago that was!). But NONE so cool as Paul McCartney! Whoot! You win. :D <3

  15. THat is so cool that excellent songs were recorded in that bay.
    I've met some rockers. And I want to meet more. :)

  16. That's really interesting!

    As a silly teen, I once found out where Mel Gibson lived in Sydney and knocked on his door. Unfortunately he was overseas at the time LOL.

  17. I'm guessing you don't mean the St John in Canada, right?

    I bet Lynda wouldn't try that now with Mel. That would be a scary thing to do.

  18. I love "With a Little Luck." Love The Beatles. Bummer that you weren't there to hear George play. How cool is that? And, wow, for Wings to be there in the bay for a month, that's so neat. What an interesting post, Bish!

  19. I've never met anyone famous. I'm sure famous people appreciate being able to walk around and be normal tourists without being mobbed, though - that's got to be a relief from being constantly hounded, even by fans.

  20. Gosh what an amazing experience that must have been! Paul McCartney! Although I think John Lennon was the real genius of the Beatles.

    Yes I've met a few famous people - Olivia Newton John stayed in the Cabanas next to us at Sun City. I've met Gary Player. My brother in law met Nelson Mandela on several occasions, as well as other political figures. My Dad has met quite a few sporting heroes Ernie Else and some American boxer (we have the photo somewhere, but for the live of me I've gone blank) My niece (who I am TOTALLY jealous of got to met Ralph Fiennes at a cocktail party!

    Judy, South Africa

  21. This is a neat post, Bish. That bay looks beautiful. I bet it was a satisfying place for you to live.
    Yes, people always like to rub elbows with the famous. My husband met many famous people through his work but I never really got to meet them. Manzanita@Wannabuyaduck

  22. I love spotting famous folks. Especially favorite authors! two weeks ago I went to Ellen Degeneres's book signing and last Sunday, I went to see Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester from Glee) at her book signing. that's one of the great perks of living in L.A. :P


  23. I met Dan Akroyd once, but he's not that cool.

  24. How cool is this? I love that people left them alone. Very considerate.

    And as always, your photos are beautiful.

  25. Wow. That's a really cool story. There's so much magic where you grew up!

    Imagine a recording studio on a boat?!

    I'm shocked that so few bloggers have met famous people. In LA, they're everywhere. We get desensitized. I could list a hundred sightings, but I've had two icon moments.

    I was at the Viper Room when Johnny Depp owned it. We made eye contact. My knees buckled and I almost fainted. Seriously.

    And I once had tea at the table next to Julie Andrews. I was in awe. It doesn't get bigger than Maria Von Trapp for me. ;)

  26. Whatever happened to the Dave Clark 5? They were one of my favorite groups back in their day.

    I've written about some of my encounters with fame on my blog. Being in the entertainment business I've met a number of famous people but I always just play it down and treat it as though they were a notch above special. Other than when I was a kid I've never asked for an autograph or anything like that. I should have gotten some photos though.

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