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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oktoberfest Blogfest and Gift Give-Away!

It's here, my first blogfest, in which we write, in 300 words or less, a true (or not) Halloween type story.

First I want to thank all of you who decided to join in. A list of those participating can be found below. I hope you'll hop around and read their stories.

On Friday, the 28th, one of them will win this: The ARC of Jessica Bell's new book STRING BRIDGE, (coming out the 1st of November) a tatted (by me) bookmark and DOGSLED DREAMS by Terry Lynn Johnson.

And now my contribution.

This is an edited excerpt from a MG I'm working on tentatively called THE BOWL AND STONE: A WEST INDIAN GHOST STORY. It is a fictionalized tale loosely base on a true story.

The Mysterious Moving Grave       

Tombeau ouvert The two tourist kids were so annoying we had to tell them the story of the Mysterious Moving Grave.

"Once there was this really mean man," said Gordie. "He was so mean nothing grew on his farm."

"He was married," I continued, "and had three kids. He drank a lot and blamed them for his not being able to grow anything."

"One night he got really drunk and went into a terrible rage. That's when he did it." Gordie paused for effect.

"Did what?" asked the thin, pale boy who looked like an albino salamander.

"That's when he killed his wife and kids," he answered.

"With a machete," I said.

"Hacked all four of 'em to bits." Gordie waved his arm like he was slicing something up. "Scattered their body parts all over his land. He thought it would make things grow."

"Gross!" The girl covered her mouth with a hand and turned green as genip.

"It gets better," I said. "He was caught and tried and they hung him right here at Gallows Point, which is where they hung all the criminals and pirates back then. Even though he was a bad man his brother wanted to bury him all proper, so he built him a small concrete tomb."

Gordie continued. "The problem is he's restless. He keeps getting out of his grave and wandering around Gallows Point with that machete, looking for the people who hanged him. People have heard him scraping his machete along the walls of the cottages, particularly the one you're staying in. But because he keeps climbing in and out of his grave, it keeps moving. Sometimes it's up near the road, sometimes closer to the genip tree. Wanna go see it?"


  1. *Shudders* Now that's a graveyard I'd steer clear from! Great piece, you really had me going... then again I'm easily spooked and this Friday is round 2 of the haunted houses!

    What a great blogfest! So sorry I missed the initial talk about it, I would have joined in!! It's been to long since I've made my rounds!

  2. Great job. No excuse for why I didn't join in. Well, except for the fact I'm easily scared and don't usually read or write scary stuff.

  3. Great story. It reminds me of the ones us kids used to tell around the campfire to scare each other.

  4. I'm happy you stopped by Jen!

    I'm not easily scared, Anne. I guess I've had too many "odd" experiences.

  5. Angela, it does have that kind of feel doesn't it.

  6. What is it with husbands hacking up their wife and kids??? :) That was the story behind a few haunted places I used to visit as a kid. I love your spin on it! A ghost with a machete?? *shudders* Thanks for hosting this fun blogfest, Bish!

  7. Thank YOU Donea for being a part my little adventure!

  8. spooky! I don't know if I want to see that graveyard. A ghost with a machete. now that is scary!

  9. Nice. . . and creepy! The machete scraping the walls really got to me.

    Also, Dogsled Dreams is awesome! The winner should be thrilled.

  10. I am a little behind but now my story is finally up at my blog. I am looking forward to getting spooked by all the stories of the participants today.

    Congrats again, Bish!

  11. Thanks for playing along Nutschell.

    Cynthia, the true part of that particular scene is that my best friend and I made up stories about a grave that appeared to move. It was an optical illusion. We told one of our stories to some annoying tourist kids.

    You are never too late to join the party Yat-Yee. Thanks for joining in the fun!

  12. I would NOT go see that grave! I'm chicken!!
    (Fun blogfest, Bish!)

  13. Oh, it's just a grave! Thanks for playing Kelly!

  14. Oh that's good!
    I've read lots of entries today. Glad it was a big success.

  15. Congratulations Bish!

    A moving grave and an angry ghost with a machete? Creepy!

  16. Nice and spooky. Looks like you've got the makings of a great book, here! I'm going to check out the other entries.

  17. Yikes! And no thanks. I do not want to go see. Thanks for the shivers down my spine, Bish! And Happy Halloween.

  18. "Particularly the one you're staying in," LOL! That is AWESOME!!!

  19. The machete scraping on the stone is a great sensory detail.

  20. Heck, yes, I wanna go see it!

    When I saw "moving graves" I thought you were going to do a variant of the Moving Coffins of Barbados.

  21. Yikes! I just realized that I may not have time until Saturday! I hope that will be okay?! Can you take my name off?

  22. Thanks for hopping around Alex!

    Sarah, the bigger the better.

    Thanks Kari, I'm glad (yes?) that you thought it was creepy.

    I'm working on it Mel.

    Awww, come on Lee, I'll take you there myself. It's harmless, really.

    Suzanne, I like that line too and the last one, "Wanna go see it?"

    Thanks Marcia, every ghost should make some kind of noise.

    I KNEW you'd want to go see it Peni. (I had to look up the moving coffins of Barbados, I hadn't heard of it before!)

    Susan, I don't see you on the list. And anyway it's okay. Thanks for stopping by!.

  23. A graveyard scene- so scary. I loved it. And what a fun blog-fest! You are so creative.

  24. I signed up, but haven't written anything yet! :O Will try and get around to that soonest!


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