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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Conversation

We were at Burger King, sharing a vanilla malt. Less than half a block away and across the street we saw that a Brinks truck was parked at the bank by the little building that contains the machine that gives you free money. We got to talking about where the most money would be, in the machine or the truck.

Stan: So do you think there's money in there?
Me: I'm sure there might be.
Stan, looking at me oddly: You're sure there might be?
Me, pause, snort: Did I say that?
Stan: I'm sure you probably did.

It's a good thing I didn't have a mouthful of malt or I'm sure I might probably would have sprayed it all over Stan or had it coming out of my nose, maybe.

Do things like this ever come out of your mouth, things that make no sense or are wishy-washy? What about characters? Have any of your characters been deliberately, maddeningly, undecided?

( there's a word that's maddeningly difficult to wrap your mouth around.)


  1. Ha! I say nonsensical things all the time. I do have a minor character I've made purposely wishy washy. By the end of the book, though, she's VERY decisive. It was fun creating that transformation.

  2. Dickens did it all the time.
    Back to your Texas weather. It's been on my mind. You could have more "dust bowls" as in the '30's. Texas must have a lot of industry because it's so large but cattle must be one and the grass won't grow and the trees need water for the timber. I'm sure everything will be fine but my mind starts thinking about things like that.

  3. LOL! I do that a lot, too. The other day I typed, "She scratched her head behind her ear." Well, duh. Where else would her ear be? On her leg? Sometimes I amaze myself! ;)

  4. My other half constantly uses the phrase 'always usually'. I never tire of laughing at him :)

  5. Hee! That's funny! But people get mixed up like that all the time so characters are allowed to as well!

  6. I'm pretty sure I probably do that all the time. At least I think so. ;)

  7. Hehehe yeah... I once caught myself saying "I think it's definitely"


  8. Yes, I do this all the time -- my kids and husband take great pleasure in pointing it out.

    Why oh why isn't there a little machine that gives ME free money?

  9. There's a machine that gives out free money? How come I haven't heard about this?

    And yes I'm probably always not making sense... :)

  10. Yes, I can be nonsensical and wishy-washy at times.

    If my characters are like that, I either leave the dialogue alone for comedic effect or edit it out to make them stronger.

  11. I'm always saying stuff like 'Same difference' or 'Equally the same'. LOL. Glad to know it isn't just me!

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  12. I can kind of maybe see where you're headed with that. I mean, sometimes, but not all the time, it can be a little bit difficult for me, and maybe even more than me, for my characters, to like, make a decision. You know?

  13. I can't say that M word. But then I can't Balsamic either. I just point. And having a character with that kind of quirky pronunciation issue has worked for me in the past. They can't decide which words to use while they try to avoid the ones they can't say right. Wishy-washy and maybe some humor?

  14. I love this, Bish! I'm constantly spitting out phrases that are all tangled or make very little sense (except to me). I wish I could revise my speaking the way I revise my writing. But, then, that would be ridiculous, right? ; )

  15. Interesting! I don't think I do but it's something to think about. That is a great story BTW.

  16. Lol! This usually happens to me when I start saying one thing, then try to say something else in the middle of talking. You should hear some of the names I've come up for my kids when I accidently combine them. Donalvin come here!


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