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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blogaversary Questions Answered - Part Four

Here they are, that last questions and my final answers.

Laurel asked: What was your worst bad-date experience?
Okay…it wasn’t really a date but…I worked for a while at a hospital. Occasionally we got prisoners to our floor who needed medical care. There was one guard who was usually assigned to the same shift I was on and over the course of time we kind of got to know each other. One night he offered to drive me home, (our shifts ended at midnight.) I rode a bicycle to and from work and I lived about two miles away, so I accepted his offer and we put my bike in the trunk of his car.

Well he didn’t take me home. He drove me way out into the middle of nowhere at one point traveling at speeds of up to 100 miles an hour. I was terrified. I thought perhaps I’d been kidnapped and was going to be raped, murdered even. I kept demanding that he stop, that he turn around and take me home.

Eventually he did turn around and finally stopped. I was about ten miles from my apartment and it was around 1 AM. When he stopped I got out of the car like a cat out of bathtub full of water. I wrestled my bike out of the trunk and peddled all the way home with him following slowly beside me telling me he was sorry, to please get back in the car, etc. etc. etc.

That was it for me. For some reason I never saw him on guard duty again.

What did you like most about high school?
This is a hard one, because I’m one of those people who didn’t like school and don’t have very fond memories of it. So I’m going to have to go with Study Hall. I liked Study Hall best because it was in the library and I could sit off somewhere by myself and not have to interact with people. I also liked to explore the shelves and find books to read that had never been checked out. I thought a book felt sad if no one had ever read it so I considered it my duty, my calling to read them. That led me to reading books like The Silver Chalice, The Robe and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.

The above picture is of me in Study Hall on a "free clothes" Friday, a day when juniors and seniors didn't have to wear our uniforms. I'd get pretty radical. That was a little blue and white outfit my mom made for me out of Merimekko fabric, with my big pirate blouse. Those earrings are stainless steal discs my father drilled holes in for me. You can read all about "The Hat," here.

If you could go back and give wisdom to your 16-yo self, what would you tell her?
I’d tell her the loneliness will go away and that one day she’ll laugh at all her angst. And I tell her she isn’t the only one who feels like she does, that she’ll survive and be happy and content with her life.

Cynthia Chapman Willis asked: As an experienced blogger, what advice would you give to a someone considering whether or not to blog?
LOL experienced! That’s so odd, I don’t feel the least bit experienced. I feel more like an ox, plodding determinedly along. As for advice, I suggest they ask themselves a few questions:

Why do you want to blog?
What is your purpose for blogging, if any?
Who, if anyone, are you blogging for?
When and how do you want to blog?

Please keep in mind I haven't answered these questions myself....

Vijaya asked: I love these Bish. You must come visit and give me and my daughter a private lesson in tatting over a summer weekend. Would you do that? I promise to feed you well. Fair trade?
Oh, now there's an offer I can hardly refuse, knowing the kind of cook you are! Hmmm, are you paying my plane fair?


  1. I LOVE that hat! Actually I love the whole outfit. I should root around in my old photos to see if I can find the picture of me in my

    turquoise velvet bell-bottom hip-hugger pants

    with my navy blue polyester (because who could afford silk) semi-looking pirate/poet's blouse

    and my mid-thigh crocheted vest that my aunt made me.

    Oh yes! You and I would have been the coolest cats in high school. And my earrings were wooden circles.

  2. You look so cool in that photo! I love the entire outfit but particularly the hat.
    As for that prison guard, what a jerk! I'm glad you got out of that safely.

  3. Wow! That prison guard story stood my hair on end. Glad the ending was good.

  4. I can't believe that guy did that to you!!!

    I'm also shocked that you didn't like school...I pictured you as someone who loved school.

    Your outfit is perfect!!! (& I want to come with you to Vajaya's, but I have nothing to teach...I could clean up after the lessons and great food!)

  5. I love going back in time and telling myself everything turns out just fine. Somehow I think those *me's* hear me.

    How strange that you never saw that prison-guard creep again. That's creepy in and of itself.

  6. Yikes! Scary about that guy. I'm glad you got away and nothing bad happened.

  7. These were amazing Bish!

    Yikes about the date. I too would have gotten the hell out of there and never gone back! I'm still sitting in shock, that's like story book serial killer stuff. So glad you're safe and never saw him again.

    I'm with you on the High School thing. I hear my friends talk about how much they loved it. I for one love my life so much more now than I ever did then. Glad they dwell on the old days, but I'll be living in the new days

    You're an experienced blogger for sure! I always think that's such a great question to be asked as well!

    Happy Monday!

  8. I can't imagine that date. Did the guard give you any explanation??

  9. Wow, that date story is scary. I love the picture, too. And your blogging advice is awesome.

  10. Vijaya -- we'll have to work something out, perhaps during conference time. And I do have family in Texas (but it's a rather large state I hear). If it's meant to be, it'll happen Bish.


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