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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Road Goes On Forever...

...and the party never ends.

We went for a drive in Abilene, our '57 Chevy.

There's a guy who lives in our neck of the woods who makes music and tells wonderful stories. We saw him one Fourth of July, surrounded by college kids. The beer was flowing freely. We were the oldest people in a sea of kids having a grand time. They were very polite as they wove, stumbled, and tottered they way by us. "Scuse me ma'am." "Scuse me sir." They were loud but not obnoxious. They were rowdy but not rude. They were simply having fun. We enjoyed being in their midst almost as much as we enjoyed the music. They reminded us of ourselves at that age. It was refreshing.

Here, for your musical entertainment, is Robert Earl Keen, a Texas treasure.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for the great music! : )

  2. Sounds like a fun trip. I love that you've named your car Abilene!

  3. ROAD TRIP! :) Gotta love the name Abilene, Bish. :)

    Thanks for sharing the fantastic music.

  4. I'm afraid I'd be speeding on a road like that. Otherwise I'd feel like I was walking up the down escalator

  5. Wow, I love long roads like that. Especially if they are accompanied by good music!

  6. I'd love to check you guys out in your '57 Chevy. Too cool. Sounds like a great night with the kids. I'd love to be able to soak up all that kid mojo.

  7. It's fun to think back to the 'good ol days' isn't it?

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


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