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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Valiant Land Crab - Part Two

(When last we saw Percival he had discovered a lighted in-way to the human habitation.)

It was bad enough that the lighted in-way, instead of being a nice, small, round hole, was a huge monstrous flat sided thing. Now, as Percival approached it, he saw to his dismay that there was a gulf, a chasm, between himself and the lighted in-way.

At first he thought to give up.

"They will find me," he cried to moon, "and they will eat me!"

But then he saw the chasm was no so wide as it was deep. He studied it closely and realized if he sidled up side-ways to the chasm and stretched out four of his legs while clinging on the other side with the other four, he would be able to stretch himself across the gulf.

It took all his will power, all the fortitude and bravery he had within his ganglia, to stretch himself across. He dared not look down (not that his eye stocks allowed that much) but he didn't need to look down. Not really, for he could feel the chasm below him, a great yawning maw that breathed cold night air and chilled his under parts.

The breathing made him shiver and two of his legs slipped from the edge of the flat-sided in-way. But quick as a flash he grabbed hold of the edge with his pincher and somehow managed to drag his body completely into the lighted space.

He was just bringing along the last of his four legs when...the light disappeared and Percival was plunged into darkness.

Stayed tuned for Part Three.


  1. YAY Percival. This really is a wonderful story Bish. Can't wait for part three. :)

  2. Can't wait for part three! I'm really growing fond of this little crab.

  3. What a cliffhanger! Poor Percival! What happens next?!


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