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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Random Thought Thursday

Okay folks, I'm going to try something new. GASP.

I am, among other things, a collector of quotes. The other day I wondered, what am I collecting them for? The answer came back, obviously to share with my blogging buddies.

So, every Thursday from now until I don't feel like doing it any more, I'm going to post a quote and maybe comment on it or ask a question or something original like that. These quotes will mostly be inspirational. They will be about writing, hope, life, love etc. And knowing me, there will be humor in there too.

To get the ball rolling I'm going to start off with one of my all time favorite quotes attributed to one of my all time favorite authors, Jack London. Good looking devil, don't you think?
He said:
You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.

Just like a caveman; go hunt your muse, then when you find her, club her over the head, drag her to your man-cave by the hair and demand a personal performance.

I have been know to wait inside my muse-blind. I have been known to scatter chocolates outside to tempt her inside with the promise of a slice of death-by-chocolate. But you know...most of the time waiting inside my muse-blind, waiting for her to find the chocolates I've left, just doesn't work. I have to go out there, sneak up on her and maybe throw a rope around her so she can't escape. And I'd say, 95% of the time, when I make the effort to play the game of catch and keep, Miss Muse will hang out with me.

So, in a way, old Jack was right.

How do you find inspiration? Or stay inspired? Do you go after your muse with a club or do you tempt her into your muse-blind with chocolate?


  1. so many ways! Often going outside and observing nature/people can help :)

  2. watch out world! I've got a club and I'm not afraid to use it! hahaha. Everything can be an inspiration if your mind is open to the possibility.

  3. I've got my club and I'm ready to go!!! I loved this quote! I think I'm really going to enjoy this thursday post you have set up!!!

    Bring on the kick a** quotes!

  4. Love Jack London. Lord knows I've certainly clubbed my inspiration over the head and dragged it back to the cave several times!

  5. Oooh, nice one! I do think you have to sometimes seek inspiration out.

  6. Love it. As for me, if I show up for work, the muse shows up as well, not right away, but while I'm working ... no clubs needed.

  7. Great quote (and pic!)
    I need a club this week...

  8. awesome quote! I like to collect quotes too. I also like to collect sentences that are constructed in a particularly cool way.

    luv it!

  9. Chocolate won't work because I'd eat it before my muse had a chance to find it!!! I have to tease my muse by showing up every day to visit with her, otherwise she sulks and deserts me!


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