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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Editors Day

This is exciting!

Today I am going to a one day SCBWI conference in San Antonio. It's Editors Day. Featured speakers are:

Sarah Shumway Senior Editor at HarperCollins
Julie Ham of Charlesbridge
Carmen Tafolla, award-winning author

I've entered the first 10 pages of one of my novels to be critiqued. And I've dared to enter the first page of another novel. No names on the first page. Some of the first pages submitted will be chosen by a panel and be discussed in front of all the attendees.

I'm excited. I don't get down to the city much at all except to go to the air port. So this will be a REAL outing for me.

I will no doubt learn something and will be taking notes. So be prepared, I'll probably post about it.


  1. Have fun, Bish. I think some of your stuff might be a good fit for Charlesbridge ... and make beautiful books. One of my favorite houses.

  2. Have a great time and please take notes. For those of us who can't go to conferences.

  3. I second Piedmont! Please take's a little far for some of us to attend! :)
    Good point! Especially helpful if something goes wrong with one link - there are otehr options for the reader. I'll remember for the future and update Husband's book page.

  4. Have a great time!!! Sounds like so much fun!

  5. I'll check back and see how things went. I haven't been to a conference in forever and I so miss the great lectures! Have fun!!

  6. Matey! What happened at ye conference? Yo-ho-ho, me hearty. :)


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