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Monday, August 16, 2010

Writing Prompts - Using a Book

Open a dictionary or thesaurus at random. Pick 3 or 4 words and write about them. Or use them in several different sentences. Or use them in a paragraph.

Open a novel, the Bible, or poetry book at random. Close your eyes and point at the page. Use what your finger lands on as a starting point; finish the sentence and keep on writing.

From the Miraculous Pitcher

A comfortable bowl of bread and milk wouldn't be so comfortable to sleep in unless I were rather small. I suppose if I was small enough to fit in a bowl of bread and milk the bread might actually be rather soft and might have a nice smell too. But the problem would be the milk. I should say I might quite drown in the milk if I were small enough to fit in the bowl.


  1. clever idea, bet it'd be really good for writers block

  2. Excellent post, Bish. I think, tomorrow morning I will try this. Sounds like fun and as Nicole said, great cure for writers block.

    Great to see you, girl. How have you been? :)

  3. Okay this is like a seriously awesome idea!!! I never would have thought about it but this would be such a great way to inspire and open your mind!!!

    PS - feel free to steal In Their Own Words!!! E. Elle started it, then Anne and now Me! It's been awesome!!!

    PS have you signed up for the blog this thursday or friday? I don't know if it's your cup of tea but the button is on my sidebar (Guess that Character) incase your interested :)

  4. I like these ideas. I've heard of opening a book at random for inspiration (I've tried it on occasion), but never thought of using it as a writing prompt, too.

  5. Better watch out for that milk! :) Awesome idea - especially the bible, lots of great stories in there!

  6. I've got to buy a new thesaurus. we've got one somewhere...but it's gotta be 30 years old. I've just been using them online, (and cursing myself for not having bought a new one yet).

    Great ideas as always!

  7. I love these ideas...I can use any help I can get when I have writer's block...Hugs...

  8. Great idea! Thanks, Bish. Happy Wednesday!


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