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Monday, August 2, 2010

Writing Prompts - Changing it Up

I am in the air today, flying back to Texas. There will be a few more writing prompt posts before I figure out what I will be doing next on my blog. And it will take me a bit to get back into the swing of being home with my hubby, driving on the right side of the road and going speeds of over 30 miles per hour.

Changing it Up

Take something you have written, or something from a book, a paragraph or two, nothing more, and change it up.

Rewrite it in each of these ways: in first person (I), in second person (you), in third (he/she). Write it from the point of view of a female, or male, or an object in the scene. Write in past tense (I was, he was, you were), present tense (I am, you are, it is), future tense (I will be, you will be, she will be.)

You might well be surprised at how the "feel" of the paragraph changes.

From Gulliver's Voyage to Lilliput (a random selection using my finger tip)

You answer in few words, but to no purpose, and make a sign with your hand that was loose, putting it to the other (but over His Excellency's head for fear of hurting him or his train) and then to your own head and body, to signify you desire your liberty. It appears that he understands you well enough, for he shakes his head, and holds his hand in a posture to show that you must be carried as a prisoner. However he makes other signs to let you understand that you should have meat and drink enough, and very good treatment. Whereupon you once more think of attempting to break your bonds, but again, when you feel the smart of their arrows upon your face and hands which are all in blisters from many of the darts sticking in them and observing likewise that the number of your enemies has increased, you give tokens to let them know that they might do with you what they please.


  1. I hope you have a safe trip and a very happy homecoming!

    Thanks for the writing prompt - great idea to try something new and fresh.

  2. 不要去想沒拿到的東西,多想想自己手裡所擁有的..................................................


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