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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Writing Prompts - Pattern-Breaking Questions

I've listed some of these in earlier posts, but here are a bunch of them for you to play with.

Answer these pattern-breaking questions and make up others

1. Imagine a particular flower, such as a rose. What sound does it make?
2. Name your favorite song. What does it taste like?
3. What color is love and why?
4. What odor does fear have? What is the odor of hate?
5. What is the sound of a lemon?
6. What are the sounds of silence?
7. What is the color of silence?
8 What does war taste like?
9. If the color blue could move, what would its movements be like?
10. What sound does your favorite color make?
11. What color are you/were you in school? out of school?
12. What kind of car are you and why?
13. What kind of tree are you and why?
14. What kind of noise does your brain make?
15. What time of day are you?
16. What kind of shoe are you?
17. If you could be any room in your house, which room would you be?
18. What kind of tool are you? What kind of instrument are you?
19. What city are you?
20. If you could create anything expressing yourself, what would it be?
21. Are you a pencil, pen or keyboard? Why?
22. Pick an emotion, what does it look like?
23. What kind of animal are you and why?

Add some to the list!


  1. These are awesome writing prompts Bish!!! Let me think about adding one and I'll be back!

  2. When I think of a rose making a sound, I think of an opera singer singing a really beautiful note.

  3. I love these questions! What a fun, creative writing prompt strategy. Now I'm going to be pondering questions to add to the list. :)


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