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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blue Bonnets

Blue bonnets are the State Flower of Texas. For the past two years blue bonnets have been minimal because of the drought. This year there is a bumper crop. People are taking the blue bonnet tour. One particular drive is the Willow City Loop. You can see pictures of the fabulous views here.

We have no idea how these came to live in our yard. Though their seeds can lie dormant for ten years or more, we didn't seed them. They just appeared. There used to be two green houses (in which my husband grew herbs for wholesale to the local nurseries) where they are now growing . It's a mystery, but however they got here we are honored to have them. The bees are happy too.

From this first picture of the first blue bonnet which I posted just three weeks ago...

...we now have this!

Has something wonderful and unexpected come up in your life or yard this spring?


  1. oh those pics are lovely. I think the cherry tree blossoms will be coming out soon. If it'd just get a little warmer!

  2. I bet the cherry trees are beautiful when they bloom.

  3. Oh my gosh I love them! The hubby and I were planning on going to New Braunsfels for the blue bonnets, I've wanted to see the fields of them because they're so beautiful!!!

    Yay for living in Texas!

  4. That's awesome, and beautiful. How lucky you are to have such nice wildflowers spring up inside your yard. Thanks for sharing Bish!

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  5. Wow, that is a magical backyard, for sure. What a wonderful springtime!

  6. Glorious! Ursa looks really pleased! Perhaps the wild birds or a deer left you a few presents, or maybe some seeds were mixed in some of Stan's potting/mulch/soil mixtures. Prefer the wilder theories, though!

  7. Those blue bonnets are lovely!

    We've got a whole slew of spring wild flowers here: wild orchids, anemones, scarlet poppies, gentian, mustard flower, and a large purple flower that grows flat on the ground. At Christmas time, poinsettias grow on trees here. And everywhere you go here you can see bougainvillea.

  8. I see your adorable profile picture everywhere I go. I can't believe I'm not already following your blog. Well, I fixed that oversight! Love the flowers. :-)

  9. I'm a real softy for surprise flowers--well for surprise anything. Last year we had some unknown green spouts that popped up and I couldn't identify. I let them do whatever they wanted. Soon we had a mass of color that lasted through the hot and very dry California summer. I harvested seeds and hope to share some with friends this year.

    Your Blue Bonnets are fabulous.

  10. Wow! They are plentiful now.
    Just beautiful!


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