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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Signs of Spring

Here she comes. Where I a poet I'd craft an ode or sonnet in her honor. But as I am not I must content myself with pictures, proof that her robes are brushing the ground, warming the sap with the passage of her feet.

In our area, pear trees are among the first to bloom. I don't know what kind of pears they are, nor have I ever seen them produce fruit. However, they are a welcomed sight. I love how they stand out from the crowd of still leafless trees. Despite the fact that there could be another freeze or two, pear trees brave the odds. It's like they are calling to us, reminding us, not to give up hope.

I have heard noises in the dead leaves and underbrush, but this big spiny tree lizard is the first one I've seen. He's a good 6 or 7 inches long. I keep wondering where they go in the winter, where they hibernate.

Elbow bush is so called because its branches bend at odd angles and can eventually plant themselves in the ground.
Close up of the elbow bush.

The agarita looks something like a holly and the ends of its leaves have sharp points. The little flowers, not much bigger than an eraser head, exude a heady sweet aroma that permeates the air. Bees love it and it makes excellent honey. The berries also make wonderful jelly, though harvesting them is a prickly task.
Agarita bushes can get quite large. This one is about 3 feet tall and 5 feet across.

And this is the first blue bonnet to appear in our yard. It isn't fully opened, nor will it be the only one.

Lastly we went for a drive on Saturday in Abilene, our 1957 Chevy. The local high school football team is called the Antlers. Their mascot, since 1932, has been Scrappy the Deer. This sculpture, built entirely of scrap metal, is dedicated to the school.

Here I am at a place called Wildseed Farms. (If you're ready for some eye candy check out their website!) They grow fields and fields of wildflowers and package the seeds. Of course the fields aren't blooming yet but when they do, it's beautiful. Those cacti I'm sitting in front of are metal!
Ahhhh Spring....


  1. Fantastic pictures!!! Oh spring how I've missed you!!

  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. You've stirred the spring juices, Bish. What lovely pictures and interesting comments about them.

    Loved Scrappy AND the car!

  3. Metal cacti in Texas? That's got me baffled, but the scrappy deer is amazingly funky. I love to read your about your wanderings.

  4. Lovely lizard!

    Will let you know if the bats come home to roost!

  5. That deer is fantastic. What a great idea, recycling scrap metal that way.

    And spring is started to stretch and poke out here too.

  6. What a great post! Good to see Abilene again. Love Scrappy the Deer too! We have a few of those up here, but they're moose. Love the pictures, Bish!

  7. Bish. Great post. Metal cacti? In the land of cacti? Hmmm

    I love the pics. The elbow bush is so interesting. I'd never heard of it before.

    Oh spring, I need you to be here. BAD! See you after Easter Bish!

  8. Thanks everyone! Yes...metal cacti...the perfect thing for your rock garden. Or the epitome of xeriscaping?

  9. What gorgeous photos. I can't wait for the flowering crabappless and snowball bushes. We have to wait till May, though.

    Word veri -- homag. This is our homag to spring.

  10. I love Scrappy the deer! So, so cool. One of our friends who writes steampunk should create a story about him.

  11. Beautiful pictures! Our trees have not blossomed yet, but it's my favorite time of year. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love this post, Bish! Ahhh, blooming things. We're still waiting for anything to wake up in NJ, so it's great to see some beautiful photos. And I am officially a fan of Scrappy the deer! He is awesome!

  13. I loved this post - the photos are great & so interesting. Here in South Africa, signs of autumn are everywhere, leaves turnng golden and the nights are chilly (but the days are still HOT!) The photo of the pear tree reminded me of a local tree with the common name "bushveld bride" (it's actually a wild pear). The mechanical deer is amazing!

  14. I'm so impressed with these pictures. They are great! It is far from spring here. It's supposed to snow tomorrow. Imagine that?


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