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Monday, March 1, 2010

Lies, Lies! It's All Lies!

And the truth is....

1. I once hitch-hiked from Los Angeles to San Francisco. I've done very little hitch-hiking in my life. Around 1972 me and this guy (we were hippy types) hitch-hiked from Crescent Beach (on the east coast of Florida) to Gainsville, a distance of about 80 miles. We had a very spooky experience when a truck full of red-neck types passed us, turned around, passed us again and shouted nasty things at us. We thought they were going to stop and maybe beat us up or kill us. But they roared off after the third pass. It was very scary. Oh, did I tell it was raining at the time and we were cold and wet?

2. I spent a summer crewing on a sailing yacht in the Caribbean. Growing up in the islands did not make me a sailboat person. Sure I've been sailing, plenty of times, but I never crewed, only passengered. I don't know a halyard from a bowline, though I do know a jib from a mainsail.

3. I absolutely LOVE liver and onions. This is a total, absolute lie. I can't even stand the smell of liver cooking. Everyone else in my family loved it, but not me. Over the years Mom attempted to get me to eat it and even tried disguising it. Like once she ground some up, mixed it with hamburger and made a meat loaf. But I could smell it long before it got to my mouth. That was her final valiant effort after which she always boiled up a couple hot dogs for me when she decided to cook liver.

4. I was bitten by a bat and had to get rabies shots. Nope, never happened. But we did have a pet bat for a while. Mom was given a baby bat that had been found and we took care of it, feeding it milk through an eyedropper. I can still remember the sound of its little teeth scrinching on the glass. As it got older it ate dead flies we caught, bits of raw hamburger, and fruit. Erva even took it to school. All day it hung upside down on a chain around her neck. That caused quite a stir because West Indians (at the time) had a lot of superstitions about bats and were, for the most part, afraid of them.

5. I have had half of my colon removed. This is true. About three years ago I had to have emergency surgery to remove a blockage. About half of my colon was removed along with several inches of my small intestine. Luckily it wasn't cancer. But I did learn that I have Crohn's Disease. So far I've managed to keep it under fairly good control and am doing well. I can now say with all seriousness that I am a crone with a semicolon.

6. I go parasailing every year when I go home to the islands. This is something I would like to do. Maybe some day I will.

7. I am allergic to birds. I am not allergic to birds, nor anything else that I know of.


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  2. I just won that same award and told six untruths and one truth on my blog yesterday. They were a lot of fun to come up with! Someone else whose mother cooked liver and onions, I thought maybe I was the only one!

  3. No Susan, I think there were/are plenty of mothers who cooked liver and onions! YUCK!

    Unfortunately Summer the bat was killed after we'd had it for about 6 or 7 months. We felt really sad about it.

  4. Lots of interesting stories here! I'm amazed that your sister wore the bat on a necklace around her neck! (I know bats are generally fine, but I do freak out about them due to the rabies factor).
    Oh, man I was hoping the colon one wasn't true for your sake. That's a lot to go through. My cousin has Crohn's disease too and it's so difficult when it's not in remission! Good luck to you!

  5. Thanks Kelly. So far I've been very blessed not have any pain, be able to eat most things and keep my weight on. I'm happy!

  6. Oh man. Did I ever miss it. Though you would like to go parasailing.

    A crone with a semicolon. I love that line. hehe

    I sure am glad that you're okay Bish. Very thankful.

  7. My mother cooked liver and onions and my dad loved it. Went by the pan and took off the lid and breathed in deeply while the rest of us, three sisters and I were gagging and changing our names and our addresses.
    Too funny!

  8. At least I was right about you being around bats in your youth! So I'm going to take partial credit on that one. A sister of a friend of mine has Chron's and they went to Hawaii for a fund-raiser run about a year ago. I'm glad it's not too debilitating for you.

  9. Crone with a semicolon -- good one. Some of these lies that people are posting are downright hard!

  10. Bats kind of freak me out, but my daughter thinks they are the coolest, cutest animal EVAR. So I like the idea of befriending a little baby one. Maybe that would be less scary. I think it's the idea of having a rat-like animal able to scramble around in my hair that's the issue.

  11. A crone with a semicolon? LOL. Okay, I guessed #1 and was wrong, but somehow I KNEW you had hitchhiking in your past. So I get partial credit, right? :)

  12. Hmmmm. Bish likes to lie. Who knew?

  13. I love the bat story!! So sad that it was killed...what happened?

    And so glad you're okay after surgery! I love the 'crone with the semi colon' line. :)

    This is a fun game, isn't it? :)

  14. Thanks everyone! As for our little bat Tabitha, he/she lived in an wooden fruit box that had two wooden deviders or slats (so the home was three stories.) He slept on the top floor, ate on the second floor and did his business on the bottom. What we didn't realize was that there was a nail under one of the wooden slats. Somehow he got himself wedged between the nail and the slat and...he died. We were upset that we hadn't seen the nail. We were going to let him go soon as he was getting old enough to take of himself. It is a sad story.

  15. Great one! I missed out on this, or I'd have enjoyed playing along.

    Poor little bat! We love bats here and would be thrilled to have one for a pet.


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